What I Want To Be When I Grow Up: Career Info For Kids

For many children, deciding what they want to be when they grow up is a difficult task. Children will tend to change their minds a dozen times as they grow older and better understand what each of these jobs entails. With so many career choices, it can be fun to explore different ideas. Researching career ideas is the first step each child should make to match their own interests to a career that suits their personality and talents. The following resources will provide information on several popular careers to help you get started in your search.







Fire Fighter





  • Discover Nursing: Find nursing job statistics, educational resources, and details on how to become a nurse.
  • The Nurse Career: Information on nursing practice areas and nursing specialty areas, such as ambulatory care and emergency room nurse.
  • Nursing Overview: Learn about the many types of jobs related to nursing, including missionary nursing and genetic nursing.


  • Airline Pilot Salary: The earning potential for commercial and airline pilots according to specific airlines.
  • Professional Pilot Career Info Guide: Learn about job prospects, prerequisites, career paths, and types of flight programs.
  • Helicopter Pilot Jobs: Job description, working conditions, and education, wages, and job opportunities for those interested in a career as a helicopter pilot.

Police Officer


  • Court Reporter: General overview of a career as a court reporter, including training requirements, salary, qualifications, and job outlook.
  • Become a Television Reporter: Get paid to report local or national news as a television reporter.
  • Newspaper Reporter: Occupational guide for those interested in becoming a newspaper reporter.


  • Career as a Teacher: Details about the learning environment of a teacher and benefits of teaching.
  • Preschool Teacher: Learn about the popular teaching career which entails working with young children, aged 3 to 5.
  • Working as a Teacher’s Aide: Duties of a teacher’s aide and pros and cons of the job can be found in this career guide.