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Career and Education Opportunities for Religious Activities Directors in Columbus, Ohio

Religious activities director career and educational opportunities abound in Columbus, Ohio. There are currently 6,570 jobs for religious activities directors in Ohio and this is projected to grow 20% to about 7,860 jobs by 2016. This is better than the national trend for religious activities directors, which sees this job pool growing by about 12.6% over the next eight years. Religious activities directors generally direct and coordinate activities of a denominational group to meet religious needs of students.

Religious activities directors earn about $17 hourly or $36,090 annually on average in Ohio and about $17 per hour or $36,100 per year on average nationally. Incomes for religious activities directors are better than in the overall category of Religious Services in Ohio, and better than the overall Religious Services category nationally. Religious activities directors work in a variety of jobs, including: youth counselor, singles pastor, and department head.

There are sixty-three schools of higher education in the Columbus area, including four within twenty-five miles of Columbus where you can get a degree to start your career as a religious activities director. Given that the most common education level for religious activities directors is a Master's degree, you can expect to spend about six years studying to be a religious activities director if you already have a high school diploma, or just 2 years if you have a Bachelor's degree.

CAREER DESCRIPTION: Religious Activities Director

Religious Activities Director video from the State of New Jersey Dept. of Labor and Workforce Development

In general, religious activities directors direct and coordinate activities of a denominational group to meet religious needs of students. They also plan, direct, or coordinate church school programs designed to promote religious education among church membership.

Religious activities directors attend workshops and conferences to obtain program concepts and resources. They also decide on appropriate curricula and class structures for educational programs. Equally important, religious activities directors have to identify and recruit potential volunteer staff. They are often called upon to implement program plans by ordering needed materials and handling other administrative details. They are expected to collaborate with other ministry members to determine goals and objectives for religious education programs, and to evolve ways to foster program participation. Finally, religious activities directors talk with clergy members and congregation organizations to foster support of and participation in religious education efforts.

Every day, religious activities directors are expected to be able to articulate ideas and problems. They need to speak clearly. It is also important that they listen to and understand others in meetings.

It is important for religious activities directors to analyze member participation and changes in congregation emphasis to establish needs for religious education. They are often called upon to train and supervise religious education instructional staff. They also counsel individuals regarding interpersonal and religious problems. They are sometimes expected to analyze revenue and program cost data to establish budget priorities. Somewhat less frequently, religious activities directors are also expected to formulate and conduct conferences dealing with the interpretation of religious concepts and convictions.

And finally, they sometimes have to visit congregation members' homes, or manage pastoral visits, in order to furnish data and resources regarding religious education programs.

Like many other jobs, religious activities directors must be able to take change and lead and have a strong social orientation.

Similar jobs with educational opportunities in Columbus include:

  • Child and Family Services Worker. Provide social services and assistance to improve the social and psychological functioning of children and their families and to maximize the family well-being and the academic functioning of children. May assist single parents, arrange adoptions, and find foster homes for abandoned or abused children. In schools, they address such problems as teenage pregnancy, misbehavior, and truancy. May also advise teachers on how to deal with problem children.
  • Minister. Conduct religious worship and perform other spiritual functions associated with beliefs and practices of religious faith or denomination. Provide spiritual and moral guidance and assistance to members.

EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES: Religious Activities Director Training

Mount Vernon Nazarene University - Mount Vernon, OH

Mount Vernon Nazarene University, 800 Martinsburg Rd, Mount Vernon, OH 43050-9500. Mount Vernon Nazarene University is a small university located in Mount Vernon, Ohio. It is a private not-for-profit school with primarily 4-year or above programs. It has 2,558 students and an admission rate of 79%. Mount Vernon Nazarene University has 2 areas of study related to Religious Activities Director. They are:

  • Missions/Missionary Studies and Missiology, bachelor's degree which graduated 1 student in 2008.
  • Religious Education, bachelor's degree which graduated 1 student in 2008.

Rosedale Bible College - Irwin, OH

Rosedale Bible College, 2270 Rosedale Rd, Irwin, OH 43029. Rosedale Bible College is a small college located in Irwin, Ohio. It is a private not-for-profit school with primarily 2-year programs. It has 65 students and an admission rate of 76%. Rosedale Bible College has a one to two year and an associate's degree program in Bible/Biblical Studies which graduated eighteen and seventeen students respectively in 2008.

World Harvest Bible College - Canal Winchester, OH

World Harvest Bible College, 10165 Wright Rd, Canal Winchester, OH 43110. World Harvest Bible College is a small college located in Canal Winchester, Ohio. It is a private not-for-profit school with primarily 2-year programs. It has 291 students and an admission rate of 96%. World Harvest Bible College has 2 areas of study related to Religious Activities Director. They are:

  • Bible/Biblical Studies, one to two year and two to four year which graduated twelve and four students respectively in 2008.
  • Missions/Missionary Studies and Missiology, one to two year and two to four year which graduated three and thirty-four students respectively in 2008.

Methodist Theological School in Ohio - Delaware, OH

Methodist Theological School in Ohio, 3081 Columbus Pike, Delaware, OH 43015-3211. Methodist Theological School in Ohio is a small school located in Delaware, Ohio. It is a private not-for-profit school with primarily 4-year or above programs and has 216 students. Methodist Theological School in Ohio has a master's degree program in Religious Education which graduated three students in 2008.


Preventing Disease Transmission: A two-hour training module for employers and employees who, while on the job, may be exposed to blood or other body fluids that could cause infection.

For more information, see the American Red Cross website.


Columbus, Ohio
Columbus, Ohio photo by Xnatedawgx

Columbus is located in Franklin County, Ohio. It has a population of over 754,885, which has grown by 6.1% in the past ten years. The cost of living index in Columbus, 82, is well below the national average. New single-family homes in Columbus cost $169,200 on average, which is well below the state average. In 2008, six hundred eighty-six new homes were constructed in Columbus, down from 1,008 the previous year.

The three big industries for women in Columbus are health care, educational services, and finance and insurance. For men, it is accommodation and food services, professional, scientific, and technical services, and construction. The average travel time to work is about 22 minutes. More than 29.0% of Columbus residents have a bachelor's degree, which is higher than the state average. The percentage of residents with a graduate degree, 9.2%, is higher than the state average.

The unemployment rate in Columbus is 8.5%, which is less than Ohio's average of 10.0%.

The percentage of Columbus residents that are affiliated with a religious congregation, 37.6%, is less than both the national and state average. Hebrew Baptist Church, Heritage Temple Freewill Baptist Church and Higher Ground Always Abounding Assembly Church are all churches located in Columbus. The largest religious groups are the Catholic Church, the United Methodist Church and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Columbus is home to the Busch Corporate Center Industrial Park and the J C Penney Catalog Outlet Store as well as Nafzger Park and Lower Scioto Park. Shopping centers in the area include Indianola Shopping Center, Ohio Stater Mall Shopping Center and Shapter Shopping Center. Visitors to Columbus can choose from Drury Inn & Suites Convention Center, Best Western Clarmont Inn and Crowne Plaza Downtown for temporary stays in the area.