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Career and Education Opportunities for Transportation Security Officers in Manchester, New Hampshire

Transportation security officers can find many career and educational opportunities in the Manchester, New Hampshire area. There are currently 510 jobs for transportation security officers in New Hampshire and this is projected to grow by 19% to 610 jobs by 2016. This is better than the national trend for transportation security officers, which sees this job pool growing by about 14.0% over the next eight years. Transportation security officers generally inspect baggage or cargo and screen passengers to detect and prevent potentially dangerous objects from being transported into secure areas or onto aircraft.

Income for transportation security officers is about $13 hourly or $29,020 annually on average in New Hampshire. Nationally, their income is about $14 hourly or $29,120 yearly. Transportation security officers earn less than people working in the category of Police and Security generally in New Hampshire and less than people in the Police and Security category nationally. Transportation security officers work in a variety of jobs, including: baggage screener, bag checker, and security inspector.

There is one school within twenty-five miles of Manchester where you can study to be a transportation security officer, among forty-two schools of higher education total in the Manchester area. The most common level of education for transportation security officers is a high school diploma or GED. You can expect to spend only a short time training to become a transportation security officer if you already have a high school diploma.

CAREER DESCRIPTION: Transportation Security Officer

In general, transportation security officers inspect baggage or cargo and screen passengers to detect and prevent potentially dangerous objects from being transported into secure areas or onto aircraft.

Transportation security officers close entry areas following security breaches or reopen areas after receiving notification that an airport is secure. They also locate suspicious bags pictured in printouts sent from remote monitoring areas, and set these bags aside for inspection. Equally important, transportation security officers have to view images of checked bags and cargo, using remote screening equipment, and alert baggage screeners or handlers to any possible problems. They are often called upon to confiscate dangerous items and hazardous materials found in opened bags and turn them over to airlines for disposal. They are expected to follow those who breach security until police or other security staff arrive to apprehend them. Finally, transportation security officers challenge suspicious people, requesting their badges and asking what their business is in a particular areas.

Every day, transportation security officers are expected to be able to evaluate problems as they arise. They need to solve different sorts of problems in different ways depending upon circumstances. It is also important that they understand what others are saying to them even in a noisy environment.

It is important for transportation security officers to search carry-on or checked baggage by hand when it is suspected to contain prohibited items such as weapons. They are often called upon to perform pat-down or hand-held wand searches of passengers who have triggered machine alarms, who are unable to pass through metal detectors, or who have been randomly identified for such searches. They also notify supervisors or other appropriate staff when security breaches occur. They are sometimes expected to ask passengers to remove shoes and divest themselves of metal objects before walking through metal detectors. Somewhat less frequently, transportation security officers are also expected to furnish directions and respond to passenger inquiries.

Transportation security officers sometimes are asked to furnish directions and respond to passenger inquiries. and decide whether baggage that triggers alarms should be searched or should be allowed to pass through. And finally, they sometimes have to perform pat-down or hand-held wand searches of passengers who have triggered machine alarms, who are unable to pass through metal detectors, or who have been randomly identified for such searches.

Like many other jobs, transportation security officers must have exceptional integrity and be reliable.

Similar jobs with educational opportunities in Manchester include:

  • Chief of Police. Supervise and coordinate activities of members of police force.
  • Criminal Investigator. Investigate alleged or suspected criminal violations of Federal, state, or local laws to determine if evidence is sufficient to recommend prosecution.
  • Customs Inspector. Investigate and inspect persons, common carriers, and merchandise, arriving in or departing from the United States or between states to detect violations of immigration and customs laws and regulations.
  • Police Officer. Conduct investigations to prevent crimes or solve criminal cases.
  • Police Records Officer. Collect evidence at crime scenes, classify and identify fingerprints, and photograph evidence for use in criminal and civil cases.
  • Policeman. Patrol assigned areas to enforce laws and ordinances, regulate traffic, and arrest violators.
  • Private Investigator. Detect occurrences of unlawful acts or infractions of rules in private establishment, or seek, examine, and compile information for client.
  • Sheriff. Enforce law and order in rural or unincorporated districts or serve legal processes of courts. May patrol courthouse, guard court or grand jury, or escort defendants.

EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES: Transportation Security Officer Training

Northern Essex Community College - Haverhill, MA

Northern Essex Community College, 100 Elliott Street, Haverhill, MA 01830-2399. Northern Essex Community College is a medium sized college located in Haverhill, Massachusetts. It is a public school with primarily 2-year programs and has 7,020 students. Northern Essex Community College has a less than one year and an associate's degree program in Criminal Justice/Police Science which graduated thirty-three and forty-eight students respectively in 2008.


Airport Certified Employee - Security: AAAE is proud to introduce another comprehensive professional certification program.

For more information, see the American Association of Airport Executives website.

Certified in Homeland Security: Professionals with significant and demonstrable experience in areas that interface with Homeland Security may be eligible for granted Certification in Homeland Security.

For more information, see the American College of Forensic Examiners website.

Certified Medical Investigator: The spectrum of professions involved in forensic investigation has broadened dramatically over the past 20 years.

For more information, see the American College of Forensic Examiners website.

Certified Confidentiality Officer: Professional certification validates your training and experience in your present career.

For more information, see the Business Espionage Controls and Countermeasures Association website.

LOCATION INFORMATION: Manchester, New Hampshire

Manchester, New Hampshire
Manchester, New Hampshire photo by FSosio

Manchester is situated in Hillsborough County, New Hampshire. It has a population of over 108,586, which has grown by 1.5% in the past ten years. The cost of living index in Manchester, 120, is far greater than the national average. New single-family homes in Manchester are valued at $138,300 on average, which is far less than the state average. In 2008, eighty-eight new homes were constructed in Manchester, down from ninety-four the previous year.

The top three industries for women in Manchester are health care, educational services, and finance and insurance. For men, it is construction, accommodation and food services, and computer and electronic products. The average travel time to work is about 21 minutes. More than 22.3% of Manchester residents have a bachelor's degree, which is lower than the state average. The percentage of residents with a graduate degree, 7.0%, is lower than the state average.

The unemployment rate in Manchester is 7.6%, which is greater than New Hampshire's average of 6.5%.

The percentage of Manchester residents that are affiliated with a religious congregation, 58.1%, is more than both the national and state average. Bethel Christian Fellowship Church, Saint Pauls United Methodist Church and Blessed Sacrament Roman Catholic Church are among the churches located in Manchester. The most common religious groups are the Catholic Church, the United Church of Christ and the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America.

Manchester is home to the Spaulding House and the New Hampshire Youth Development Center as well as Derryfield Park and Crystal Lake Park. Shopping malls in the area include Hampshire Plaza Shopping Center, The Mall of New Hampshire and Second Street Shoppes Shopping Center. Visitors to Manchester can choose from TAGE Inn & Suites, CNHParking and Firebird Motel for temporary stays in the area.