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Career and Education Opportunities for Glaziers

In general, glaziers install glass in windows, skylights, and display cases, or on surfaces, such as building fronts, interior walls, and tabletops.

Select a state from the map below to find education opportunities to begin your Glazier career.


Highlighted states contain educational opportunities in Home and Office Installation


Glazier video from the State of New Jersey Dept. of Labor and Workforce Development

Glaziers trim and remove broken glass before installing replacement glass. They also trim and remove glass and glass substitutes, such as plastic and aluminum, in building interiors or exteriors and in furniture or other products. Equally important, glaziers have to fasten glass panes into wood sashes or frames with clips or moldings, adding weather seals or putty around pane edges to seal joints. They are often called upon to score glass with cutters' wheels, breaking off excess glass by hand or with notched tools. They are expected to decide on plumb of walls or ceilings, using plumb-lines and levels. Finally, glaziers measure and mark outlines or patterns on glass to indicate cutting lines.

Every day, glaziers are expected to be able to listen to and understand others in meetings. They need to see details at a very fine level of focus. It is also important that they control objects and devices with precise control.