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Career and Education Opportunities for Data Base Design Analysts in Oxnard, California

Many educational and employment opportunities exist for data base design analysts in the Oxnard, California area. About 11,400 people are currently employed as data base design analysts in California. By 2016, this is expected to grow by 31% to about 14,900 people employed. This is better than the national trend for data base design analysts, which sees this job pool growing by about 20.3% over the next eight years. Data base design analysts generally coordinate changes to computer databases, test and implement the database applying knowledge of database management systems.

A person working as a data base design analyst can expect to earn about $38 hourly or $80,240 yearly on average in California and about $33 per hour or $69,740 annually on average in the U.S. as a whole. Incomes for data base design analysts are better than in the overall category of Data Bases in California, and not quite as good as the overall Data Bases category nationally. Data base design analysts work in a variety of jobs, including: management information systems director , data storage specialist, and data administrator.

The Oxnard area is home to sixteen schools of higher education, including two within twenty-five miles of Oxnard where you can get a degree as a data base design analyst. Data base design analysts usually hold a Bachelor's degree, so you can expect to spend about four years studying to be a data base design analyst if you already have a high school diploma.

CAREER DESCRIPTION: Data Base Design Analyst

Data Base Design Analyst video from the State of New Jersey Dept. of Labor and Workforce Development

In general, data base design analysts coordinate changes to computer databases, test and implement the database applying knowledge of database management systems. They also may plan, coordinate, and implement security measures to safeguard computer databases.

Data base design analysts test programs or databases, correct errors and make needed modifications. They also specify users and user access levels for each segment of database. Equally important, data base design analysts have to modify existing databases and database management systems or direct programmers and analysts to make changes. They are often called upon to train users and answer questions. They are expected to work as part of a project team to direct database development and decide on project scope and limitations. Finally, data base design analysts inspect project requests describing database user needs to estimate time and cost used to accomplish projects.

Every day, data base design analysts are expected to be able to articulate ideas and problems. They need to listen to and understand others in meetings. It is also important that they read and understand documents and reports.

It is important for data base design analysts to design standards and guidelines to guide the use and acquisition of software and to safeguard vulnerable data. They are often called upon to design methods for integrating different products so they work properly together such as customizing commercial databases to fit specific needs. They also design data model describing data elements and how they are used, following procedures and using pen, template or computer software. They are sometimes expected to identify and evaluate industry trends in database systems to serve as a source of data and advice for upper management. Somewhat less frequently, data base design analysts are also expected to establish and calculate optimum values for database parameters, using manuals and calculator.

Data base design analysts sometimes are asked to establish and calculate optimum values for database parameters, using manuals and calculator. They also have to be able to inspect workflow charts developed by programmer analyst to understand tasks computer will perform and approve and supervise the installation and testing of new products and improvements to computer systems such as the installation of new databases. And finally, they sometimes have to inspect workflow charts developed by programmer analyst to understand tasks computer will perform.

Like many other jobs, data base design analysts must be thorough and dependable and have exceptional integrity.

Similar jobs with educational opportunities in Oxnard include:

  • Computer Programmer. Convert project specifications and statements of problems and procedures to detailed logical flow charts for coding into computer language. Develop and write computer programs to store, locate, and retrieve specific documents, data, and information. May program web sites.
  • Computer Security Specialist. Plan, coordinate, and implement security measures for information systems to regulate access to computer data files and prevent unauthorized modification, destruction, or disclosure of information.
  • Computer Support Specialist. Provide technical assistance to computer system users. Answer questions or resolve computer problems for clients in person, via telephone or from remote location. May provide assistance concerning the use of computer hardware and software, including printing, and operating systems.
  • Computer Systems Analyst. Analyze science, engineering, and all other data processing problems for application to electronic data processing systems. Analyze user requirements, procedures, and problems to automate or improve existing systems and review computer system capabilities, workflow, and scheduling limitations. May analyze or recommend commercially available software. May supervise computer programmers.

EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES: Data Base Design Analyst Training

Ventura College - Ventura, CA

Ventura College, 4667 Telegraph Rd, Ventura, CA 93003-3872. Ventura College is a large college located in Ventura, California. It is a public school with primarily 2-year programs and has 14,456 students. Ventura College has a two to four year program in Data Modeling/Warehousing and Database Administration√°√°√°(.

Westmont College - Santa Barbara, CA

Westmont College, 955 La Paz Rd, Santa Barbara, CA 93108-1089. Westmont College is a small college located in Santa Barbara, California. It is a private not-for-profit school with primarily 4-year or above programs. It has 1,348 students and an admission rate of 66%. Westmont College has a bachelor's degree program in Computer and Information Sciences.


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Oxnard, California
Oxnard, California photo by Lan56

Oxnard is situated in Ventura County, California. It has a population of over 185,717, which has grown by 9.0% in the past ten years. The cost of living index in Oxnard, 132, is far greater than the national average. New single-family homes in Oxnard are valued at $247,700 on average, which is well below the state average. In 2008, seventy-four new homes were built in Oxnard, down from two hundred five the previous year.

The three most popular industries for women in Oxnard are health care, educational services, and accommodation and food services. For men, it is agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting, construction, and administrative and support and waste management services. The average travel time to work is about 23 minutes. More than 13.7% of Oxnard residents have a bachelor's degree, which is lower than the state average. The percentage of residents with a graduate degree, 4.6%, is lower than the state average.

The unemployment rate in Oxnard is 15.0%, which is greater than California's average of 12.3%.

The percentage of Oxnard residents that are affiliated with a religious congregation, 44.6%, is less than the national average but more than the state average. All Saints Episcopal Church, Park Avenue Church of Christ and Good Shepherd Baptist Church are all churches located in Oxnard. The most common religious groups are the Catholic Church, the LDS (Mormon) Church and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Oxnard is home to the Silver K Golf Course and the Saint Johns Regional Medical Center Health Sciences Library as well as Plaza Park and Mandalay County Park. Shopping malls in the area include Esplanade Mall Shopping Center, Rose Shopping Center and Fremont Square Shopping Center. Visitors to Oxnard can choose from Best Western Oxnard Inn and Ambassador Motel for temporary stays in the area.