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Career and Education Opportunities for License Examiners

In general, license examiners examine, evaluate, and investigate eligibility for, conformity with, or liability under licenses or permits.

Select a state from the map below to find education opportunities to begin your License Examiner career.


Highlighted states contain educational opportunities in Adjustment and Analysis

JOB DESCRIPTION: License Examiner

License Examiner video from the State of New Jersey Dept. of Labor and Workforce Development

License examiners evaluate applications and documents so as to gather data related to eligibility or liability issues. They also advise licensees and other individuals or groups concerning licensing or passport regulations. Finally, license examiners issue licenses to individuals meeting standards.

Every day, license examiners are expected to be able to articulate ideas and problems. They need to listen to and understand others in meetings. It is also important that they read and understand documents and reports.