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Small Engine Repair Course

Launching a career in small engine repair requires certain specialized training. A small engine repair training course is a great way to gain those skills efficiently and conveniently. Our program provides thorough instruction in:

  • Identifying problems, repair parts, engine components, and systems
  • Repairing engines, ignitions, and electrical systems
  • Assessing and repairing fuel systems
  • Taking apart and recreating all kinds of small engines, like two-stroke, four-stroke, outboard, and riding lawnmowers

Completing a course in small engine repair will give you many opportunities, including:

  • Making a salary of up to $41,000/year
  • Getting a position as a boat or motorcycle mechanic
  • Qualifying for a position at a repair shop or establishing your own

Small engine repair technicians are in high demand all over the nation to maintain and repair all types of tools and vehicles from power tools to motorcycles. That means that there are many opportunities for people who want to enter the profession. Employers look for candidates that have degrees from formal training courses, so let us provide you with everything you need for a successful career!