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Sample Chronological Resume – Describing Vague Job Titles

It is quite common to have a job title that does not describe your job responsibilities or accurately reflect your position within a company. For example, the job title “employment specialist” could mean that you coordinated the employment for just a few employees here and there, or it could mean that you oversee the hiring, training and integration of hundreds of employees for your firm. As exemplified by the resume below using a chronological hybrid format to define each position according to the specific skills required can be very effective.

    Joan Dalebout
    12321 Hendstrige Crest Cr.
    Sacramento, CA 95736
    (916) 421-6776

Hiring Manager


8 years as an employment specialist with recent experience as employment coordinator for big 4 accounting firm.
Proven ability to find top talent.
Expert knowledge in scouting, recruiting and corporate hiring.


1998-present KPMG, Sacramento, CA
Employment Coordinator


Coordinated hiring of 230 corporate managers, consultants and accounting professionals. Oversaw employee expansion plan responsible for 30% increase in number executive managers and consultants.
Advised CEO and Director of Human Resources in development of strategic recruiting and hiring policies.
As employment coordinator developed a comprehensive hiring plan that was implemented in KPMG locations throughout the United States and Europe. Entire plan was implemented in less than 6 months.


Conducted second round interviewing for nearly 20% off all new hirees. Oversaw and advised on interview development and new employee integration for all U.S. locations.
Revised outdated employee management policies manual used at nearly 100 locations — which lead to a 10% increase in new employee retention and satisfaction.
Assisted the Director of Human Resources in the development of cafeteria plan and benefits package designed to increase employee retention. Company experienced a 18% increase in retention of corporate managers following implementation of new benefits package.

— Continued —

Joan Dalebout

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1994-1998 BEAR RIVER HOLDINGS INC, San Francisco, CA
Employee Recruitment Manager
Assisted multimillion dollar technology holdings company recruit employees to support company growth. Specialized in recruitment of top talent to support growth of technology incubator group.
Revamped existing employee recruiting policies and instigated new hiring policies and contorls designed to decrease employee turnover and attrition of top management. Was responsible for a 12% decrease in employee turnover over a 4 year period.
Recruited, screen and hired 35 top managers, supervisors and consultants. Recruited and hired the VP of Operations who was recently promoted to President and CEO of Bear River Holdings, Inc.

1988-1994 KELLY SERVICES, San Diego, CA
Corporate Liason, 1993-1994
Senior Staffing Specialist, 1992
Staffing Specialist, 1988-1992
Worked with multinational staffing company responsible for recruiting and staffing for many thousands of companies including several fortune 500 and fortune 1000 companies.
Managed key relationships with 25 of top clients including 5 fortune 500 and fortune 1000 companies.
Oversaw offsite recruitment and staffing efforts, developed hiring policies and practices for several companies in real estate, technology and financial services industries.
Assisted in development of marketing plan designed to support corporate growth initiative for Kelly Services Inc. Plan was successful in increasing the number of new hirees nearly 8% over a two year period.

1986-1989 VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL, Sacramento, CA
Career counselor and department head

1984-1986 RANCHER INC., Midland, CA
Hiring Manager, 1987
Recruiter, 1984-1987


HR Adjunt Professor, Midland University, Midland, CA, 1983
Courses Taught:
Strategic Hiring Human Resource Principles
Employee Management 101 Compensation Packages
Planning for Retirement Selling Yourself
Behavioral Science 202 Corporate Structures