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Sample Chronological Resume for the Disabled

A chronological resume can provide a useful format for emphasizing specific skills, abilities and qualities. This is an especially useful resume format for anyone with a disability that needs to highlight where they excel. This will help a potential employer receive a realistic understanding of a candidates limitation while showing exactly where the job seeker can add value to an organization.

Joseph Strong
2123 Lilley Hurst Ave., Apt #3
Burley, ID 83723
(435) 342-1113

Job wanted: Part-time after school and weekend job
…Lawn care …Construction assistant …Stockroom helper …Delivery driver

  • Prompt and very reliable.
  • Honest and trustworthy.
  • Great attitude. Willing to learn.

Paid Work Experience

2004-05 Handyman

  • Worked on property owned by my relatives
    … Replaced broken gate.
    … Painted interior and exterior walls.
    … Cleared out debris.

Fall 2004 Delivery driver

  • On-call work for auto-parts stores.

2004-05 Bagger after school, weekends, vacations

  • Bagged groceries at local store.

2004 Cabinetry Assistant part-time during school year

  • Attached front panels and hardware to cabinets.
    … Used a variety of tools and machines: laminator, spray gun, air-compressor, nail gun, electric drills and presses.
    … Assisted with installation of cabinets on job sites.

2003 Golf Caddie

  • Caddied three days a week during summer vacation.

Work Experience in School

Animal Care Project, Aug. 2003 to Apr. 2004

  • Successfully raised a sheep (sold at the County Fair).
    … Won two blue ribbons, and one red ribbon; earning over $200.
    … Fed sheep every day, and daily needs, including shots when it was sick.

EDUCATION: will graduate from high school in June 2006.