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Installation, Repair and Maintenance Careers, Jobs and Employment Information

Everything that uses electricity or is mechanical in nature must to be installed, maintained or repaired sooner or later – and that’s a lot of stuff. Consequently, their is always high demand for trained installation, maintenance and repair technicians. Whether you’re interested in working as an HVAC technician, Automotive Repair Specialist, Electrician or are aspiring to launch your own business we can provide you the information you need to make an informed decision before you get started.

This page provides reliable and relevant information on variety of installation, maintenance and repair careers. Make your selection from the list of careers below and you’ll find detailed information on job opportunities, earnings, training requirements and much more. Take your time to read through all of the material we provide to find the specific career information you’re looking for.

Aircraft, Avionic and Airplane Technicians and Mechanics
Auto Body Repair
Auto Mechanics and Technicians
Computer, Automated Teller and Office Machine Repair
Coin, Vending and Amusement Machine Service and Repair
Diesel Mechanics and Technicians
Electrical and Electronics Technicians, Installers and Repairers
General Maintenance and Repair
Home Appliance Repair
Heating, Air-Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVAC) Mechanics and Installation
Electronic Home Entertainment Equipment Installation and Repair
Precision Instrument and Equipment Repair
Radio and Telecommunications Equipment Installation and Repair
Small Engine Repair and Mechanics