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Private Investigator Training Courses

Private investigation is an exciting, demanding field. As a private investigator, you look into cases concerning missing persons, commercial intelligence, or many other interesting types of cases. This can be an especially exciting and fulfilling career path. Our program will give you the skills and the knowledge that you need to jump into this field. It provides thorough instruction in:

  • Investigation and reporting techniques
  • How to locate sources of information and conduct background checks
  • How to operate common surveillance tools and surveillance methods
  • Ethical issues and professional responsibility

Completing a private investigation course can give you many opportunities, including:

  • Qualifying for positions at a private investigation or security agency, the legal department of a business, or federal, state, or local government
  • Making a salary of as much as $52,000 per year. Private investigators who own their own business can charge hourly rates of $50-150
  • Qualify for positions at insurance agencies to eliminate fraud, as security at retail establishments, or corporate security
  • Conduct thorough investigations, draft reports, and provide testimonies in legal courts.

There is a projected job growth of 15% for private investigators through 2010. Private investigation can be very fulfilling. The profession inspires respect and interest; and the work is exciting, varied, and challenging. Solving a difficult case will make you confident and satisfied.