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Privacy Policy

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, Effective February 10, 2016

Thank you for using and its affiliated services. Like most websites, we have certain policies regarding our interaction with our users, and the way we obtain and utilize data to help maximize user experience, bringing you better content and information about educational products and services. By visiting our site, we assume you are in agreement with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy outlined below.

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy Change Notification

Remember that the following policies are subject to change at any time. If at any point in the future, changes any of these practices, we will update our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy accordingly. Thus, we strongly encourage users to consult this page periodically to ensure that they are aware of any changes in our practices. gathers information about its users. Such information typically falls into one of two categories:

  1. Submitted Information: offers a number of web forms which allow users to voluntarily submit personal contact information, such as name, telephone number, and mailing address. Such web forms help us match users with any services they might request, or match them with additional, relevant educational services or products. When users submit this information, we store it and share it with schools or third-parties, with the intention of providing users with more relevant information about schools, programs, and other educational services.
  2. Automatic Information: Like most websites do, we collect and store user data from every visitor to our site. Above all, this information is used to enhance our site and improve the overall user experience. Anonymous, automatic data can include information such as a user’s browser version, operating system version, and IP address.

    “Cookies” are the most common type of automatic information that we gather, and are most frequently used for advertising and marketing, as well as web analytics. Users are presumed to be in compliance with our cookie policy.


Cookies are tiny, anonymous files of data that are exchanged between a website and a user, and then collected in the user’s web browsers. We use cookies in collaboration with partner vendors and third-party service providers. Cookies serve a variety of purposes, including:

  • Web Analytics: We use cookies to perform web analytics that help us optimize our site and better understand our user, their demographics, and their interests. We use the Google, Inc. tool Google Analytics to perform our web analytics. To read more about Google Analytics, visit Google, Inc’s own privacy policy here:
  • Marketing and Advertising: We use advertising cookies to track the success of advertisements and optimize our digital advertising performance and effectiveness. These cookies help us tailor advertisements to users based on relevance in order to create the best possible user experience. These advertisements contain information about user demographics and interests, but do not contain personally identifiable information and protect the anonymity of our users. Advertising cookies are often called “third-party cookies” because they monitor advertising performance on behalf of our third-party collaborators.
  • “Lead auditing”: We use cookies for lead auditing to make sure that information being submitting on our site is accurate and relevant.

User Consent

By using our website, we assume you acknowledge and accept all our policies. These include:

  1. When you submit personal information to, you grant us permission to share that information with affiliated partners.
  2. When you submit voluntary information on, you also grant us and our affiliated partners or third-party vendors the option to contact you via telephone, text message, email, or postal mail about education related services or otherwise. This contact may take the form of information, marketing, or otherwise. Such contact will abide by relevant laws, regarding education options or otherwise.
  3. When you submit voluntary contact information on, and grant us, our affiliates, partners and vendors, the right to contact you, you relinquish rights granted by the Do Not Call list, or other relevant laws for a period of time. Your submission of information nullifies both state and federal Do Not Call restrictions and might also protect us against other relevant laws.
  4. When you visit, we assume you agree that information we gather might be shared with our related educational institutions, partner companies and third-party vendors. This will be done with the intention of sharing better, more relevant information with you about programs, educational options, and educational services.
  5. When you visit, you grant us the right to share information about you, personal or otherwise, to any businesses providing us administrative aid. One example might include email service delivery businesses.
  6. When you submit personal information on, you grant us the right to release that information in the case of a government request, subpoena, or other legal matter. This right will only be exercised in good faith, as to protect our rights, the safety of our users, investigate fraud, and to comply with government/legal requests. In the event that some or all of is sold to a third party in a merger or acquistion, we may also release your information to that third party.
  7. When you visit our site, you consent to our use and collection of cookies, which we may utilize for web analytics, advertising, marketing, or other purposes.

How to Opt-Out

Users can opt out of any and all email communications from and any of our affiliated schools, venders, or services. Should you wish to stop receiving emails from us or an affiliated sender, simply select the “Unsubscribe” link in that email. You will be removed from further contact from that sender.

Users can also opt out of personalized third-party advertising from members of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) or third-party advertisers abiding by the Digital Advertising Alliance’s Self-Regulatory Principles. Simply go to the “opt-out” page on the NAI website or the DAA website and follow the instructions.

Users can also remove any cookies that stores by visiting their browser’s privacy section and deleting them. Users may need to do this on a per-visit basis.

Contact Us

You may use our site’s Contact Form to ask any questions or clarify any issues regarding our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.