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Pharmacy Technician Training

The pharmacy technician program can help you get involved in an industry that is stimulating, challenging, and important to society. As a pharmacy technician you will work with pharmacists to supply medication and health care materials to patients. Our course offers training that is efficient and convenient. You will receive practical instruction in:

  • Taking prescriptions from doctors or medical facilities
  • Preparing prescriptions for patients
  • Dealing with medical insurance and confirming prescriptions
  • Helping the pharmacist with common tasks

Completing a pharmacy training course can give you many opportunities, including:

  • Making a salary of up to $30,000+ per year
  • Qualifying for positions at local drug stores, retail pharmacies, the pharmacy department of grocery stores, or hospitals
  • Contribute to a vital and fulfilling profession

Job opportunities for trained pharmacists are projected to grow by 26% through 2010. As retail pharmacies expand and other medical facilities have more job openings, there will be excellent prospects for well-trained pharmacy technicians in both part- and full-time positions. The timing is right to take advantage of the possibilities offered by a medical technician program!