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Paralegal Degrees, Schools and Training Programs

In today’s society, a qualified paralegal is in high demand! Most law offices face a shortage of paralegals to help with research and customer assistance. In addition, many businesses and organizations value the time- and money-saving assistance of a qualified paralegal in reviewing documents and policies before sending them on to general counsel.

Students who pursue a paralegal degree may expect the opportunity to learn the following skills: how to handle legal research with law databases, how to communicate effectively with legal professionals, how to maintain client confidentiality, and more. Specialized programs may offer the student opportunities in corporate or public law, criminal defense, bankruptcy, or other specialized areas.

Students who enroll in a paralegal degree program that has been accredited by the American Bar Association will have a greater advantage in pursuing a successful career, as potential employers will search for those employees who have been trained to follow the current guidelines for professional conduct. Graduates from a recognized college or university are more likely to demonstrate critical legal skills that will greatly benefit a future employer.

According to a survey conducted in 2002, the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that the median income for a paralegal is $38,000. An administrative assistant may find that a paralegal degree would open the doors to a higher salary and a more challenging, exciting future.

Featured Paralegal Degrees:

Kaplan University
The Kaplan University School of Paralegal Studies offers the following online paralegal degree programs:

  • Pathway to Paralegal Certificate

    Students who already have a bachelor’s degree or an associate’s degree, but seek a profession in the legal field, will greatly benefit from this program. Courses are designed to increase knowledge of the paralegal profession and to provide a greater understanding of the legal system in America. Specific topics studied will include: civil litigation process, case management and strategy, pleadings, motions, trial preparations and trial procedures. Students will gain skills in conducting legal research, appraising and evaluating legal sources, and incorporating information into relevant legal arguments.

  • Associate of Applied Science in Paralegal Studies

    This program teaches skills necessary for students desiring an entry-level job in the legal field. Graduates will be prepared to communicate effectively within the legal environment, synthesize important concepts from specialized legal areas, demonstrate ethical decision-making skills, and exercise effective legal research methods. Courses in civil litigation, contracts, legal research, and criminal law prepare the graduate for several career opportunities within the legal field.

  • Advanced Start BS in Paralegal Studies

    This program provides a great opportunity for the student with an associate’s degree to complete a BS degree in as little as 12 months! Courses offered provide the knowledge and skills critical for success in today’s legal workplace. Students may personalize their education to achieve specific professional goals by selecting a specialized area of study: Alternative Dispute Resolution, Office Management, and Personal Injury.

  • BS in Paralegal Studies

    This program is a great choice for the student who wishes to pursue or advance a career as a paralegal. Courses offered teach skills in litigation preparation, document supervision and legal research. In addition, students will have the opportunity to gain research and analytical skills as well as technical competencies in specialized areas of law. Graduates may pursue careers in a private law firm, corporate law department, or local, state, or federal agency.

Kaplan University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

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Keiser College

Keiser College eCampus offers online degree programs using advanced technology to provide students the ability to interact with instructors and fellow classmates, thus ensuring a greater learning opportunity. The following paralegal degree program is available from Keiser:

  • Associate of Arts Degree – Paralegal

    The curriculum in this program prepares the student to perform tasks that, in years past, was performed only by attorneys. Courses prepare the student to assist with legal research, draft documents and motions, interview clients and witnesses, gather evidence, prepare real estate documents and contracts, and more. Graduates will be well-trained to pursue an exciting career in the legal field.

Keiser College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

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Everest University Online

Everest University Online offers a personalized teaching and learning environment created to support the personal and professional career development of qualified undergraduate and graduate students. The following online criminal justice degree programs are offered:

  • Associate in Science degree in Legal Assistant / Paralegal

    This online program is designed to provide the same knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom version of this program.

Everest University Online is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS).

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