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Non-profit Marketing Careers, Jobs, and Training Information

Over twenty percent of economic activity in the U.S. is through non-business groups such as the government and non-profit organizations. Non-profit organizations provide excellent opportunity for field experience. Marketing skills of all kinds can be attained through these organizations. Not only is experience gained, but working in a non-profit position allows you to make a contribution to society.

Marketing Skills and Talents

Non-profit organizations do not offer high paying positions. They do not attract money driven employees, but rather those who want to help others and improve the community.

Initiative and creativity are needed to work for a non-profit organization. Communicating information and selling the organization are completed by taking charge and creating innovative events.

Travel is not usually required while working for a non-profit. However, you must be an adaptable person because daily activities are constantly changing. You must be able to complete a variety of tasks and projects.

Working hours are sometimes regular, but jobs often require attendance of special events or dinners after regular work hours. The non-profit sector benefits from workers who are at ease and can perform well in social settings.

To be successful in a non-profit organization, it is important to be knowledgeable in marketing, advertising, finance, information systems, accounting, and management. Business skills within non-profits are increasing. Those will more experience, knowledge and a marketing degree will have an advantage over others in the industry.

Workers making the transition from the non-profit to the profit sector sometimes struggle. While good deeds played an important role in non-profit work, many times employers in the profit sector do not care.

There are many benefits gained working in non-profit marketing. However, the greatest advantage is the chance to give back to the community and to help others.

Job and Employment Opportunities

A marketing director manages all marketing activities for a non-profit organization. The duties of the director often reflect the size of the organization. Large non-profits usually have a substantial marketing department, while a small non-profit may only have one employee working in marketing.

An assistant marketing director works underneath the marketing director. They complete many of the same tasks as the director. Large non-profits generally have an assistant marketing director for different programs including fundraising and promotions. Small non-profits often have one assistant marketing director to help with all marketing.

A director of development is in charge of fundraising. Because fundraising is how non-profits make money, a good director of development is essential to the success of a non-profit organization. They must manage, organize and direct campaigns to raise money. Directors must plan events and entertaining activities as well as participate in personal selling.

Special events are often utilized by non-profits to raise money. Event coordinators plan and carry out all special events. They find locations, schedule the event, and locate sponsors to pay for door prizes, event expenses, food, and drinks. Event coordinators are often in charge of promoting events and troubleshooting problems that may arise.

Publication specialists create and design mailings, posters, brochures, and newsletters to endorse and provide consumers and businesses with an understanding of the organization.