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Online MBA Degrees and Programs

In order to make you a competitor in the global business environment, many accredited colleges, universities, and business schools provide a broad array of internet-based MBA programs in highly-focused areas.

Internet-based education gives the learner flexible, adaptive, specialized options for getting an MBA that allow the learner to make maximum use of his/her time. Whether you are seeking an MBA in the USA, Canada, Australia, or Europe, internet-based programs allow you get the most out of your education wherever you are.

Top Reasons for Getting an MBA:

  • You want to launch a new career
  • You want to advance in your present career
  • You want a higher salary
  • You want to start your own business
  • You want to focus on one particular area
  • You want to be competitive on a global scale
  • You want to expand your network of resources and contacts
Featured Online MBA Degrees and Programs:

Walden University
Walden University offers a variety of specialty MBA degrees designed for career professionals seeking additional management and administration expertise in a specific field.

Walden University offers the following MBA degrees:

  • MBA in E-Business
  • MBA in Finance
  • MBA in Risk Management/Insurance
  • MBA in Global Business
  • MBA in Health Services
  • MBA in Human Resource Management
  • MBA in Knowledge and Learning Management
  • MBA in Management of Techology
  • MBA in Marketing
  • MBA in Non-profit Management

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University of Phoenix
University of Phoenix, the nation’s largest private accredited, university offers MBA degrees designed for mid-level career professionals and aspiring working adults.

University of Phoenix offers the following online MBA degrees:

  • Master in Nursing/MBA Healthcare Management
  • Masters in Health Administration
  • Masters of Business Administration
  • MBA/Accounting
  • MBA/e-Business
  • MBA/Global Management
  • MBA/Health Care Management
  • MBA/Human Resource Management
  • MBA/Marketing
  • MBA/Technology Management

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Ellis College of NYIT
Ellis College of NYIT offers one of the largest selection of MBA degree programs designed for aspiring business professionals.

Ellis College offers the following MBA degrees:

  • MBA in Accounting & Information Systems
  • MBA in Management of Information Systems
  • MBA in E-Commerce
  • MBA in Technology Management
  • MBA in Finance
  • MBA in Marketing
  • MBA in Global Management
  • MBA in Professional Accounting
  • MBA in Healthcare Administration
  • Project Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • MBA in Risk Management
  • MBA in Leadership
  • MBA in Strategy & Economics

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Kennedy-Western University
Kennedy-Western University offers two MBA degrees both designed for midlevel career professional and managers.

Kennedy-Western University offers the following MBA degrees:

  • M.S. in Executive Business Administration
  • M.S. in Business Administration

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Jones International University
Jones International University offers a variety of MBA degree programs designed for professional seeking management expertise in a different specialities.Jones Internation University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission; a member of North Central Association

Jones International University offers the following MBA degrees:

  • MBA in IT Management
  • MBA in Project Management
  • MBA in Entrepreneurship
  • MBA in Health Care Management
  • MBA in Negotiation/Confict Management
  • MBA in Finance
  • MBA in Global Enterprise Management
  • M.A. in Business Communication

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AIU Online
American InterContinental University Online offers MBA degrees that can be completed in less time than it takes to complete a tradition MBA program.

American InterContinental University offers the following MBA degrees:

  • MBA in Accounting & Finance
  • MBA in Healthcare Management
  • MBA in Human Resources
  • MBA in Management
  • MBA in Marketing

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