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Marketing Careers, Jobs and Training Information

Literally millions of professionals are pursing a career in marketing. This individuals include professionals employed in advertising and promotion, marketing managers, retailers, salespeople, and many more. In fact, when you count the number of different careers and jobs that fall under the umbrella of marketing, its estimated that over thirty percent of all workers worldwide work in marketing. For anyone looking to launch or advance a career in marketing then you’ll find the resources in this section very useful.

This section is designed to help you find relevant, reliable and ultimately rewarding information on variety of marketing careers. Whether you’re looking for a fast track into advertising and promotion or just want to find what its like to work in brand management, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. Make your selection from the list of marketing careers below and you’ll find detailed information on job opportunities, marketing degrees, earnings, training requirements and much more.

Advertising and Public Relations
Market Research
Non-profit Marketing
Product Management
Retail Marketing
Brand Management
Distribution Channel Management
International Marketing
Sales Management
New Product Planning