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Job Fairs, Career Fairs and Career Expos

Job and Career fairs can be an effective way of finding and getting an “IN” with potential employers. The contacts made a career fairs can be your key to get a step in the door, be a great place for career networking, and can help you find out more about company before seeking employment. Your may also come in contact with the hiring agents for many corporations.

Job Fair Website and Resources

  • – job-seekers can search for job events by state, date, and job categories. Also includes information for job fair preparation. Services are free.
  • – provides a list of upcoming career fairs throughout the United States.
  • – for the college student and professional job seeker, offering both on-line and physical career fairs that can help get your resume (and your face) in front of employers.
  • – provides a list of career fairs througout the United States.
  • – provides a list of career fairs througout the United States.
  • Career Fairs Global – offers a national map all the upcoming career fairs Career Fairs Global is producing across the United States. To learn about these fairs you simply click on an area on the map, and you can browse through the fairs scheduled for that region.
  • Diversity Career Group – sales, management, and retail career fairs for professionals in California.
  • – sales, marketing, retail, and management careers fairs for professional working on the west coast, Chicago, Denver, and New Orleans.
  • – offers a searchable database of career fairs throughout the United States and Canada.
  • – provides a list of career fairs througout the United States.
  • – provides a searchable calendar of job and career fairs throughout the United States.
  • – offers a calendar of events which include job fairs throughout the United States.
  • – diversity job fair for aspiring professionals
  • – offers listings for job fairs for aspiring restaurant professionals and job seekers.
  • – sponsors sales career recruiting events in over 40 cities across the United States.
  • – provides useful links to job fair resources.
  • – a popular expo and event company for technology professionals in the Northeast U.S. Job-seekers can search jobs, find career events, pre-register for career events, and submit their resume.
  • Career Expos – career fair events pair recruiters from a mix of Fortune 1000 companies, Internet companies, non-profit organizations and government agencies with female college seniors and experienced professionals. A great resource for women seeking jobs.