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International Marketing Careers, Jobs and Training Information

There will be special prospects in international marketing because international marketing employees are faced with a vast array of social, economic, and political conditions combined with added responsibilities due to decentralized decision making and the increased distance between offices and central offices. International planning and managerial jobs typically are offered to those who have obtained some experience in international marketing experience at the company’s central offices. Beginning positions in international marketing at a company’s central offices can include a vast array of different responsibilities, but for those with a masters degree it normally includes research, planning and coordination efforts.

International Marketing Career Opportunities

Although a few American firms such as Colgate-Palmolive, CPC International, Eli Lilly, Gillette, and Nestle hire for international marketing positions, most companies choose people who have shown their worth working in domestic operations.

Since so many international jobs are awarded to personnel within the firm, the best way to obtain such a job is probably by beginning in a domestic sales job for an international company.

Career Training and Qualifications

It is helpful to be fluent in related foreign languages as well as have lived in one or more of the countries the company trades with.

Potential workers should have a solid and broad foundation in marketing, based particularly on sales management and market research.

The majority of firms hiring for international marketing positions will higher those with bachelor degrees or MBA’s, preferring MBA’s of course.