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Human Resource (HR) Degrees and Online Programs

Private, public and non-profit organizations alike are seeking the professional management services of human resources in order to stay competitive in today’s ever evolving marketplace, and the demand for HR managers and HR specialists continues to grow. A human resource degree will provide you the knowledge, skills, and understanding of private- or public sector organizational human resource operations that are current and applicable in today’s marketplace.

The career opportunities for HR professionals with the right education continue to increase and include such positions as Professional Recruiter, Director of Human Resources, Compensation Manager, and many more.


Featured Human Resource Degrees:


University of Phoenix
University of Phoenix offers a masters of management in human resources degree program designed for aspiring human resource professionals.

  • Master of Management / Human Resource Management
  • This degree program is designed to aspiring human resource managers acquire the skills in management, data analysis, problem solving, evaluating alternative solutions, and choosing the best solutions. Course work will cover a variety of topics including emerging management theory, human resource management techniques, and practices.

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Capella University
Capella University offers a large variety of degrees oriented to adult professionals looking to develop additional expertise in the area of human resource management. Capella human resource management degrees include:

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Ellis College of NYIT
University of Phoenix Online offers a masters of management in human resources degree program designed for aspiring human resource professionals.

  • BS in Business Administration / Human Resources Management
    The business administration degree in human resource maangement at Ellis College will prepare students for career advancement opportunities in the human resources management industry.

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Walden University
Walden University Offers aspiring human resource professionals the following human resource degree:

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration / Human Resource Management

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