Guide to Career Planning

The years after high school are some of the most exciting years in our lives. For many, this is the first time we leave home and live with roommates either in a dorm or in an off campus apartment. These first steps of freedom are very exciting times.

However, some decisions that students need to face have long term implications. These decisions include which college or university do you want to attend? What courses do you want to take? And one of the most important decisions is what career path do you want to follow? The decisions that you make from these questions will have a bearing on where you will leave, how much you will earn and what your advancement potential will be.

The decisions that students have to make are very important and most students can use help in creating their career path. To help you reach your career goals, we have put together this handy career guide with information to get you started:

Selecting Your College

Choosing a Career

Career Resources


  • Resume Workshop – helpful website giving tips on how to prepare a resume.
  • Resume Formats and Samples – useful site giving job seekers an opportunity to view resume samples.
  • Resume Tutor – very helpful site giving step-by-step instructions on how to create a resume.
  • Resume Tips – informative website giving helpful tips on how to write your resume.
  • Resume Information – good consumer site giving useful tips and information on how to write a cover letter and resume.

Job Search

Job Prospects