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Online Fashion Design Colleges

Have you ever wondered why certain fashion designs and clothing lines show up in fashion advertising and still others never sell? Do you think you might like to be able to plan and produce a successful fashion show or design a line of stylish clothing? Do you want to know how consumer fashion trends are set, which one stand the test of time, and which are doomed to failure? Are you interested in getting in on a fast-track field by taking a fashion merchandising course? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Our nationally accredited home study course will gain an indepth understanding and working knowledge fashion merchandising, and much, much more. You’ll Receive 17 clear, beautifully illustrated lessons. First, you’ll learn about consumer style preferences and purchasing habits. Next, you’ll get a “behind the scenes” look at what retail buyers, store managers, department heads, fashion directors, visual merchandisers, and sales associates do on a daily basis. Then, we’ll introduce you to the secrets of staging fashion shows; planning special events; becoming a personal shopper; tracking fashion trends; and going for that first career position.

Key advantages of our school:

  • No campus attendance, no commuting, no deadline pressure
  • All exams are open-book/open notes
  • Learn at your own pace; graduate in as little as six months after taking the fashion merchandising courses!
  • Graduate with a nationally accredited diploma
  • Enroll any time and enjoy affordable, interest-free tuition

There are no educational prerequisites or experience requirements to enroll so get started today by requesting a free information package.