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Entertainment, Performer and Sports Career Overview

Virtually all human civilizations have had some form of Arts and Entertainment. Both historians and archeologists have found ancient forms of musical instruments, tools for drawing and painting, and depictions of plays and athletic events. As the various forms of entertainment have advanced and expanded from the the past to the present, our interest in different forms of entertainment has also increased.

Today entertainment is an alluring and glamorous career field, filled with talented, artistic people looking for a creative outlet and a chance at fame and fortune. The entertainment field is a very popular since most careers within it provide a creative outlet without requiring a traditional education. Additionally, the possibility of becoming rich and famous also provides plenty of appeal to the thousands who enter this field.

Depending on the area you want to enter it can be difficult to find steady work in many careers within the entertainment and sports industry and most salaries are relatively low compared to other career fields. Due to the intense competition for jobs, many people will jump at almost any work available, and this tends to drive down fees.

But we all know that some entertainers and athletes make it big, very big. And those lucky few that succeed end up taking home millions of dollars a year.

Job Outlook for Entertainers, Performers and Althletes

As incomes, technology, and interest in visual media and sporting events continue to rise, the number of jobs is expected to increase. The number of people competing for these jobs is also expected to go up, however, keeping the industry very competitive.

Entertainment Career Fields