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Education and Teaching Jobs and Job Search Resources

This page contains jobs, job search websites and employment resources for professionals seeking career opportunities in academia, education, and teaching. If you are seeking employment opportunities within a specific geography we invite you to also review the job search resources listed in the Jobs by State section of our website.
Academia, Education, and Teaching Job Sites:
  • AACSB: Management Education Jobs – This site allows administrators and business staff to search jobs posted by international AACSB accredited institutions. Links and summaries of all accredited universities and colleges are included. Free of charge to those searching for jobs.
  • Academe This Week – The Chronicle of Higher Education provides job listings in academe.
  • Academic Careers Online – Full-time and extra administrative and teaching positions from pre-kindergarten to the college and university level are included. Those looking for employment can search jobs worldwide, subscribe to Smart Agent, post resumes, and email job matching program. No charge for those seeking jobs.
  • Academic Employment Network – Various job opportunities in the field of education for teachers and school-related employees at every scholastic level.
  • – College administrators and faculty from a variety of educational backgrounds can post resumes for positions or research opportunities, look for jobs, and receive advice concerning an academic job-search. Information concerning journals and conferences is provided. This site is free to those looking for employment.
  • Academic Physician and Scientist – This is an inclusive academic medicine source for classified advertising and recruiting information. The site is searchable, but all job listings are organized by subject. Free of charge.
  • Carney Sandoe & Associates – Hires administrators and teachers for employment in independent and private schools worldwide. Those searching for jobs do not pay a fee; employers pay for CS&A recruitment services.
  • – Specializing in the community college sector, this job site lists staff, executive, faculty, and athletic positions. Those looking for employment can post resumes and search for jobs free of charge.
  • – This job site focuses entirely on the community college sector. Those looking for employment, including administrators, faculty, and staff, can search for jobs or post resumes. Membership is mandatory. Free of charge to job-seekers.
  • The Education America Network – This site highlights job opportunities in all fifty states. Created for educational professionals including support staff, teachers, education specialists, and administrators, this site allows those looking for employment to post resumes, search job postings, and receive emails unique to each individuals employment needs. Free of charge to those searching for jobs.
  • Education-Jobs – Lists part and full-time career resources and teaching jobs for those qualified to work in higher education. Those visiting the site can create a personal profile that includes location, educational level, and discipline to aid in searching for the right career opportunities. This site is free to those searching for employment.
  • Ed-U-Link – site lists openings in international schools; also lists qualified teachers and administrators looking for international employment.
  • English Job Maze – those trying to find ESL/EFL employment internationally can use this site to search jobs by job type and country. You can register for an agent to assist with your job-search and post your CV. An abundance of TESL resources and information is available free of charge. This site is free to those looking for employment.
  • eSchool News Technology Career Center – provides job searches and resume posting for school technology professionals looking for demanding and gratifying locations of employment. Free of charge.
  • ESL Employment – a job site created for EFL and ESL teachers and administrators. Key resources and weekly job updates are offered. Jobs in North America, South America, Asia, Korea, the Middle East, Europe, and Africa are posted. Free of charge.
  • – provides job searches for English as a second language teachers looking for employment in China, Japan, Korea, and various locations in the Pacific Rim. Job searches are organized by currency, type, and country. Resumes can be posted. Free of charge to those looking for employment.
  • – Job searches (by country, type of organization, and language) are offered to help English and foreign language teachers to find employment. Resumes can be posted. An overseas teaching FAQ is provided. Free to those looking for employment.
  • International TEFL Teacher Training – those who speak fluent or native English can receive their TEFL certification online through this site. Fees are charged.
  • – this site allows k-12 teachers to search for jobs in vocational, private, and public schools. Resumes can be posted. Resources, such as a job fairs calendar, are also offered. Free to those looking for employment.
  • – Provides two levels of membership for marketing and referral services among technical and IT teachers worldwide. The first level of membership is free, while the second requires a fee. Memberships allow you to post your rates, skills, and availability. Different options are offered at each level.
  • Mark’s ESL World – specializes in helping those interested in teaching English overseas, especially in Asia, to find employment. Search through job postings and various ESL teaching resources. Free of charge to those in search of employment.
  • The Music Teachers List – Music teachers can post their student requirements, services, and credentials. Music and business resources are also listed. Free of charge to job-seekers.
  • National Teacher Recruitment Clearinghouse – this free site opens the door to various job banks. Resources are also offered to those interested in becoming a teacher as well as to those already certified. Provides strategies for school districts to help them employ and maintain teachers.
  • Student Affairs Virtual Compass – this site contains a job database and provides resources for college student affairs employment. Positions include student life, admissions, student activities, recreational sports, and career services.
  • – Jobs posted by country for those wanting to teach English in Asia (includes Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, China, and Korea). This site is free to those searching for jobs and provides various other resources.
  • Teachers@Work – Teachers can search job listings or post resumes. This site is devoted to finding good employment for teachers by offering a complete clearinghouse and registry.
  • The Teachers’ Employment and Job Network – Primary and secondary teachers and search job openings and post resumes in each state of the U.S. Free to those searching for employment.
  • Teachers.Net: Career Center – Provides U.S. and overseas listings of k-12 jobs. This site uses JobAlert to send emails of new job listings for your specific location and area of interest. JobTalk also provides support by allowing teachers to communicate with other teachers. Free to those looking for jobs.
  • – Jobs are posted (by date, keyword, specialty, salary, and location) for full-time and substitute teachers looking for employment. Jobs range from home-schooling, to pre-K, to adult education. Personal profiles can be posted. Free to employment-seekers.
  • – this site offers job listings, online resume and cover letter postings, emails of job openings that match your profile, and online structured interviews — excellent site for teacher recruitment. Free to employment-seekers.
  • – Jobs are listed by country for those wanting to teach English as a second language. EFL, TESOL, ELS, and TEFL jobs worldwide are posted. Free to those looking for employment.
  • Teaching Jobs – a database of teaching related links for those looking for employment in the U.S. and overseas. Site is designed to help higher education educators and k-12 teachers find employment. Postings include jobs in private and public schools as well as intermediaries that focus of teacher recruitment. Free of charge to employment-seekers.
  • – this site allows ESL/EFL educators to search various Internet job boards for various teaching positions all over the world. Information and news concerning ESL/EFL is also provided. Free of charge to employment-seekers.
  • – By completing a professional profile and registration, instructional designers, technology and corporate education professionals, and e-learning specialists can look for contract, freelance, part-time, and full-time employment. Free of charge to those searching for jobs.
  • – educators wanting employment with government, public, and private organizations can search for jobs in the U.S. and worldwide. Resumes can be posted. Important resources and links are also offered. Provided by the National Center for Education Careers. Free of charge to those seeking employment.
  • – Provides job postings for instructional, support, and administrative jobs in U.S. school districts. By obtaining a free basic membership, members can access teaching information and resources. Posting resumes and job searches require a membership fee.