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Online Doctorate Degrees

A doctorate degree (also called a PhD) is currently the most advanced degree available in North America. It demonstrates expertise in a particular subject and indicates that the earner is able to conduct and present research of a scholarly nature. Earning a doctorate requires performing original research, which is called the doctoral thesis or dissertation. Some doctorate degrees are offered on-line, but these are usually professional rather than academic in nature. Doctorate degrees are very difficult to earn since there are very high standards for the thesis or dissertation. They can take from five to eight years, depending on the field. Completion time also varies from university to university and from individual to individual since very dissertation is unique. Some doctorates prepare graduates for work in a particular field, such as a Doctor of Education or Doctor of Musical Arts. These degrees may not involves as much original research, though they still require a sound thesis.

Types of PhD Programs

These are some other Doctorate and PhD programs available and their abbreviations:

  • DA – Doctor of Art of Administration
  • DBA – Doctor of Business Administation
  • EdD – Education Doctorate
  • DPA – Doctor of Public Administration
  • EngD – Engineering Doctorate
  • PsyD – Psycology Doctorate
  • DSc – Doctor of Science
  • DHum – Doctor of Humanities

Featured Online Doctorate Degrees

Walden University
Walden University is an accredited higher learning institution, has been a leading provider of higher education for three decades. Walden University provides its students with experienced faculty members and a challenging curriculum to create an optimal learning environment that will prepare them to succeed in their career field.

Walden University offers the following online doctorate degrees:

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University of Phoenix
University of Phoenix, the nation's largest privately accredited university, offers a variety of doctorate degrees designed fo aspiring career professionals, career oriented students, and working adults.

University of Phoenix offers the following doctorate degrees:

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