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Database Specialist Careers, Jobs and Training Information

Database Specialist Career Overview

Database specialists maintain and develop database systems that companies use for storing, analyzing, and retrieving data. Different databases include Microsoft’s SQL Server, Filemaker Pro, Oracle, and Sybase.

Database specialists work with both technicians and not-technicians in the preparation of software presentations and reports. Sometimes these specialists assume the title of database analyst.

Tasks may include:

  • Interviewing employees to assess group and organizational needs.
  • Helping designers with database development.
  • Problem solving and repair
  • Assessing system weaknesses and making necessary improvements.
  • Operating security and backup protocol for system protection
  • Test systems for optimal efficiency and security

Degree Requirements

A 2-year computer science degree or information technology degree with emphasis is database administration.

Skills Required

  • Specific skills in a variety of database systems
  • Excellent logical and analytical skills
  • Communication and interpersonal abilities