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Phd in Criminal Justice – Doctoral Degree

The mission of the Phd program in criminal justice is to train scholars and experienced criminal justice professionals who have a thorough, interdisciplinary knowledge of the problems of crime and of the criminal justice system, who excel at integrative and analytical thinking, and who produce research that adheres to the highest academic and professional standards. Graduate of a Phd program will be prepared to undertake a variety of advanced career and academic positions in the criminal justice field.

Featured Criminal Justice Ph.d. Programs:

Capella University
Degree programs in criminal justice are offered through the School of Human Services at Capella University. Designed to create professionals who are able to recognize and successfully deal with the complex issues that encircle criminal activity, these programs focus on developing counseling skills and competence in working with criminally minded individuals. In addition, great emphasis is placed on the clinical and social issues involved with this line of work.
The following criminal justice degrees are offered online through Capella University:

  • PhD in Human Services / Criminal Justice

    Intended for professionals who have previously completed a master’s degree in sociology, human services, social work, psychology, or another related social sciences field, the Ph.D. in Human Services/Criminal Justice degree offers individuals interested in research the chance to expand their careers towards administrative, supervisory, or academic levels. This program is available in a directed study format, but most of the courses can also be taken online.

The Ph.D. programs offered at Capella University require students to participate in a 1 week residency stay per year, for as many as three years. In addition to their criminal justice programs, a wide variety of business, undergraduate, and graduate courses are also available at Capella. Capella University is a member of the North Central Associate of Colleges and Schools, and is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission.

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