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Certificate Programs in Criminal Justice

Certificate programs generally take one year to complete, and can give you the education you need to start a new career or advance in your current position. Most are based in a specific field, and include Terrorism, Criminal Justice, National Security Management, and Crime Scene Technician. In many cases the credits earned at a criminal justice school can be transferred towards other degree programs.

Criminal Justice Certificate Programs:

Capella University
Degree programs in criminal justice are offered through the School of Human Services at Capella University. Designed to create professionals who are able to recognize and successfully deal with the complex issues that encircle criminal activity, these programs focus on developing counseling skills and competence in working with criminally minded individuals. In addition, great emphasis is placed on the clinical and social issues involved with this line of work.
The following criminal justice degrees are offered online through Capella University:

  • Certificate in Criminal Justice

    Intended for professional who want to enhance their skills and knowledge in human services in relation to the criminal justice system, the Certificate in Criminal Justice program concentrates on the fundamental issues and perceptions common to forensic counseling, the juvenile and adult criminal justice system, and juvenile delinquency. This certificate program functions at the graduate-level and is designed for experienced professionals who are looking to pursue a master’s or doctorate degree in counseling or another related field, such as sociology or psychology. Individuals completing this program should aspire towards preparing themselves for work in a corrections agency or private practice such as forensic counseling.

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Kaplan University
Described below is an online legal studies and paralegal certificates offered by Kaplan University.

  • Legal Nurse Consulting Certificate

    This program is designed for individuals who are interested in legal procedures, the law, and working in both health care and legal environments. Participating in this program you will be taught how to perform legal and medical research, analyze and review medical records, locate and interview expert witnesses, and assist attorneys with pre-trial litigation.

  • Pathway to Paralegal Certificate

    The Pathway to Paralegal Certificate is specifically designed for individuals who have already completed an associate’s or bachelor’s degree and desire an entry-level position in the legal profession. Participating in this certificate program you will receive valuable knowledge relating to the paralegal profession as well as a general understanding of America’s legal system. You will study the process of civil litigation including case management and strategy, fact gathering and investigation, motions, pleadings, trail procedures and preparations, and post-trial procedures. In addition, you will be taught how to carry out legal research, evaluate and appraise your legal sources, and to incorporate this knowledge into legal arguments that are relevant and professional.

Kaplan University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

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