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Computer Programming Degrees & Training Programs

The Internet has changed almost every industry. Businesses require the skills of computer programmers to help develop programs for new applications of available technology to enhance business. It is expected that the highest growth for technical professionals will be in computer programming, software engineering, web development and database development. Degrees in computer programming will qualify you to design and use up-to-date applications for a variety of businesses.

Featured Computer Programming Degrees:

Capella University
More than 11,000 students now enjoy the distance learning higher education programs offered through Capella University. With 70 areas of specialties and 650 courses, Capella provides a wide range of information technology programs to choose from.

Capella University offers the following computer progamming degrees:

  • Master of Science in Information Technology / System Design and Programming

    The System Design and Programming Specialization helps prepare technical leaders with the skills necessary to design and implement high-quality applications that meet the needs of business.

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Kaplan University

Whether you’re a career professional looking to launch a career in accounting or you’re a professional trying to advance your current career, Kaplan University can help you get where you’re going faster. Online flexibility, lower costs, financial aid assistance, and a quicker path to your associate degree make Kaplan University a smart career education designation.

Kaplan University offers the following accounting degrees:

  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology / Programming

    This degree program teaches students to develop solutions for business application challenges by creating specialized programs. Students may qualify for career opportunities as a Web, network, and software programmer upon completing this degree program. Courses include text-based study and projects that simulate real-world situations and automate administrative tasks. Elective degree courses may also include Advanced Visual Basic, Programming II, Structured Query Language, Object-Oriented Programming, Advanced Visual Basic II, and Advanced Object-Oriented Programming.

  • Introduction to Computer Programming Language Certificate

    The Introduction to Computer Programming Language Certificate program offered by Kaplan University will help you develop the skills and gain the knowledge you need to launch a career in information technology. The curriculum provides students with the foundational knowledge you will need to pursue further study in advanced programming and adapt to the future changes in technology. Students receive an introduction to three programming languages: Visual Basic (for Windows programs), HTML (the Internet presentation language), and C++ (an object-oriented programming language).

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