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With all of the career possibilities available today selecting the right career can if difficult proposition for anyone. How do you make that decision? Once you’ve selected a career path to pursue, how do you get there? The best way to answer these questions is develop an effective career plan. A career plan simply outlines the steps you’ll take to reach your career goal. The following websites are some of the best career planning websites available on the web. We high suggest that you take some time to review each website as you begin to develop your career plan.

The Best Career Planning Websites

  • Mapping Your Future – offers a very comprehensive step by step guide to planning your career. The Mapping Your Future 10 Step Guid to planning a career will help you develop a career plan, assess your skills and interests, explore career opportunities, set realistic goals, and much, much more. We highly recommend visiting this site.
  • – provides aspiring students and career professionals with career counseling sessions with leading headhunters and recruiters, and free career planning information, career advice and ideas.
  • Center for Career Assessment – participate in a 10 minute career assessment test and get your free online career report almost instantly. The test will help you determine what kinds of work are you best suited for, find out your career personality, intelligences and abilities, knowledge worker status and learning preference.
  • Career Planning Guide – walks individuals through important career planning steps: Self Assessment, Career Exploration, Setting Career Goals and more.

Other Top Career Planning Websites

  • America‚Äôs Career InfoNet – Helping aspiring career professionals make more information career decisions.
  • – offers a large selection of career planning resources and assitance.
  • Job Descriptions – is the free resource that provides you with job descriptions and job details. The website currently contains over 13,000 job descriptions, divided into major categories, then divisions and finally into groups.
  • Job Web – comprehensive job search and career planning website.
  • Career Action Planing – offers information and resources on developing an effective career action plan.