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Career Change Center | Midlife Career Change Guide & Resources

Making a career change can be a scary and daunting proposition — especially if you’ve been at the same job for a long time. But don’t fooled into thinking that a mid-life career change is impossible. The truth is that it’s never to late for a career change. People are living longer and retiring later than ever before. Did you know that before he taught himself to pain, Vincent Van Gogh was a schoolmaster, student priest, missionary and art dealer? He was well into his thirties before his artistic talents were even recognized.

Whether you’re a mother returning to work after many years, an unsatisfied professional seeking your dream job, or you simply want to achieve better work-life balance via a new job our Career Change Center will provide you the information, tips and resources you need to help you have a successful career change experience.

Career Change Resources

  • Assessing The Risks of Career Change
    Learn what you should keep in mind when considering a career change, how to reduce the risk associate with changing careers and things you should consider before you make the leap.
  • 10 Steps To A Successful Career Change
    Learn a variety of steps and techniques for making a successful career change. Learn how to assess your interests, values and skills. Explore career opportunities in prospective fields. Learn why considering new opportunities in your current industry may be just the change you’re looking for.
  • Creating a Career Change Plan
    When considering a career change it can be difficult to know exactly where to start. This article takes career changers through a straight forward step by step plan that will lead to a successful career change.
  • Career Change Mistakes to Avoid
    if you are considering changing your career, you should review these 10 common career-change mistakes so you can avoid them as you change careers.
  • Career Change Tips
    proven tips to help job-seekers make a success career change transition.
  • Get A Temp Job? Really?
    learn key strategies and suggestions for using temp jobs and temporary firms to break into a new career field.
  • Identifying Transferable Skills
    learn what transferable skills are and why they are so important to your chances of making a successful career change.
  • Unconventional Midlife Career Change Tips
    Unconventional — yet down to earth — tips for individuals contemplating a midlife career change. These tips are based on the premise that key to orchestrating a successful career change is the integrating work, life and financial goals.

Top Career Change Websites

  • Career Choice or Change
    Whether you’re trying to find a career for the first time or you’re a seasoned professional looking for a career change, will guide your through the rpocess of selecting that occupation that fits your unqinue needs, personality, and circumstances.
  • The Career Key
    The Career Key websites is an excellent resources for professional considering a career change. The site provides expert help with career choices — career changes, career planning, job skills, and career training. It is based on the best science and practices of career counseling as well as the most accurate and complete information available.
  • Berkley: Career Center
    Not sure about your future? Berkley University’s Career Center provides some very useful tools that can help you determine what direction to take your career.
  • The Barrett Group
    The Barrett Group is a professional career management firm who specializes in helpful midlife professionals seeking to maximize their career potential. They specialize in career change candidate who are seeking to change careers withing an industry.
  • The Rockport Institute
    The Rockport Institute specializes in coaching mid-career professionals through career change. This organizations has developed several methods and tools used by career counseling professionals throughout the world.