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Assessing The Risks of Career Change

Kelly Services, one of the world’s largest temp and staffing agencies, reports that nearly 50% of adult professionals are not competely satisfied with their current job. The reality is that most of us dream of a career change. As most lifestyles are dictated by choice of career job its no wonder that the prospect of a changing careers represents for a lot of people a chance to escape. For those who have lost their job or are in a dying industry career change is simply a matter of survival. An yet for others career change is all about achieving dreams, exercising talents and realising ambitions. Whatever the reason, career change can still be daunting endeavor.

  • Considering A Career Change
    For anyone contemplating a career change you should determine your reason for doing so. Are just bored where your work? Desiring some new scenary? Are you sick of your current position? Are the other lifestyle issues affecting your desire? Or are you really interested in a new career? Be aware that career change does not come without risks and challenges. If there are other aspects of your work that you can change to increase your satisfaction, rather than jump into a new career, you may want to try these first – its far less risky.
  • Reducing the Risk Associate with Changing Careers
    As with changing jobs within an industry, there are a number of risks associated with a career change. One of the biggest risks associated with changing careers is not having a job lined up and ready before your leave your current career and exit that industry. When considering a career change you should have a strong contiguency plan worked out just in case Plan A doesn’t work out. Having a backup plan is especially importatnt if you have people who depend on your financially. Also make sure that you have throughly explored you new career choice. Its not uncommon for people to find that their new career isn’t any more fulfilling than their old career.

    One of the reasons that many people change careers is so that they can start their own business. Launching a business – especially a new business – can be risky. Many people only focus on the success their new business will have experience and ignore the risks associated with setting up the business, acquiring funding and capital, and attracting enough customers to support the business. Don’t forget nearly 1/3 of all new business fail.

    Before making a career change you should make a comprehensive list of all the risk associated with your specific career change plan. Once you have listed all the associate risks, formuate a realistic risk assessment plan help you to (1) prioritise your risks and (2) determine what the risk likelihood is. Once you’ve assess the risks you should then develop a risk management plan that will help you to (1) avoid each risk and (2) put together a contingency plan in case a risk materialises.

  • Things You Should Consider
    If you know that you want to change careers but don’t have determined a specific career change plan then we recommend that your first consideration should be how to build on your strengths. One of the biggest challenges of making a career change is that you are moving into a new industry where you may or may not be as qualified as other job seekers. Identifying your talents, abilities and strengths and then finding career paths that play to your strengths will go a long way to ensuring you have a successful career change experience. Make sure to throughly explore professional options to make sure you are qualified enough to enter into a career field. Does your new career require special expertise? training? or any other qualifications?

    Second, consider what you enjoy doing. Whats the point of making a career change if you’re not going to enjoy your new life and career. Remember, you don’t have to make a ton of money to enjoy your career but you do need to make enough to pay your bills and maintain a decent lifestyle.