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Career Assessment Tests, Tools and Resources

Not quite sure what kind of career path to pursue? Looking for some career direction? We invite you to review the following career assessment websites, take one or more of the self-assessment text so that you gain a better “self understanding” as it relates to possible career choices. Not convinced self-assessment can help you? Just read some self-assessment success stories.

Career Assessment Tests

  • Career Assessment by JVISFor Students and Young Adults
    The JVIS career planning tool was developmed to help high school and college students and younger adults with educational and career planning. The tool provides users with a detailed snapshot of personal interests and how they related to both education and career endeavors. Provides access to career assessment links, resources and industry contacts that help you learn about careers and majors that will allow you to fulfill your personal interests. This service requires a small fee but we highly recommend the service.
  • CareerMaze.comFor Season Job Seekers and Career Changers
    If you are a career professional seeking additional career direction or a are interested in pursuing a new career track then this assessment test might be a very useful tool for you. The tool is designed to help you increase your understanding of your personal aspirations and talents whereby providing you additional insight into satisfying career paths. Provides a detailed report, with career advice and job suggestion. This service requires a small fee but is highly recommended.

Top Sites Providing Career Assessment Tools & Tests

  • Ansir’s 3 Sides of You Self Perception Profiling System. – This test provides a 3 part self-perception offering insight into your thought process and working style. Once you’ve completed the test you are given access to the Ansir Community, allowing you to find out what others are doing for a living. While this service has fee based options it also offers a free basic service.
  • – offers an online career testing and job-search information designed to help you discover your ideal career. is a great resource for everyone from students to working professionals. This service employs RIASEC methodologies for matching your personal traits to recommended career options.
  • – offers a variety of career assessments for job-seekers which examine your personal style, traits, and interests. Designed to help job-seekers identify and articulate behavior styles appropriate for your career.
  • Keirsey Temperament Sorter – offers a Myers-Briggs type career assessment test that provides suggestion for possible careers. The test is completely free.
  • MAPP (Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential) Assessment – this career assessment test is designed to guide, motivate and empower participants to achieve new educational and career heights. Also offers a guidance service for a small fee but the test is free.

Additional Career Assessment Sites

  • – offers a comprehensive directory of career information for hundreds of careers. Offers career reviews, employment guides and job forecasts.
  • Myers Briggs Personality Tests from Ransdell Associates – offers career preference tests, including Myers-Briggs and Strong Interest Inventory, designed to help job-seekers identify compatible career options.
  • TypeFocus – offers a Myers-Briggs type career assessment test. Also offers a fee based career test that offers greater detail than is included in typical personality test. The fee based career assessment test runs about $14.
  • The Career Key – Developed by Dr. Lawrence K. Jones, this assessment measures your personality, finds jobs that match your skills, interests, and personality.
  • Work Preference Inventory – offers students, job-seekers, and career changers a unique career test based on personal values. Based on the premise that values are very important to successful career planning. This test works best with a Java-enabled browser.
  • – is the only website we are aware of that provides the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator online. This test is about 90 questions, fee based, and offers 7 page comprehensive test report that is emailed to you after you take the test.