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Cardean University Online MBA Degree Programs

The Cardean University MBA degrees are designed for working adults and aspiring career professionals who desire to launch or advance their careers by developing new skills and market-relevant business expertise. The Cardean MBA program includes courses developed in association with five of the world’s most prestigious business schools: Columbia Business School, Stanford University, The University of Chicago Graduate School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University and The London School of Economics and Political Science.

Cardean University is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education Training Council (DETC), a national accreditation association. DETC specializes in evaluating institutions that teach at a distance and has been accrediting distance institutions for half a century. DETC has specific criteria for distance education providers to ensure that learners’ needs are met. As Cardean is a university designed specifically for online education, DETC was the appropriate first choice for affiliation. DETC’s position of leadership in online accreditation has resulted in regional accrediting bodies looking to the DETC for consultation in reviewing online courses as well as joint reviews of institutions that are expanding their online offerings.

Cardean University offers the following online degree programs:

MBA Programs

  • MBA / General Business Studies
  • MBA / Accounting and Information Systems
  • MBA / E-Commerce
  • MBA / Finance
  • MBA / Global Management
  • MBA / Health Care Administration
  • MBA / Human Resources Management
  • MBA / Leadership
  • MBA / Management of Information Systems
  • MBA / Management of Technology
  • MBA / Marketing
  • MBA / Professional Accounting
  • MBA / Project Management
  • MBA / Risk Management
  • MBA / Strategy and Economics
  • MBA / Operations and Supply Chain Mgmt.
  • MBA / Small Business and Entrepreneurship
  • MBA / Financial Analysis
  • MBA / Fast Track MBA

Graduate Certificates

  • Certificate in Real Estate Management
  • Business Administration
  • Finance
  • International Business
  • Human Resource Mgmt.
  • Leadership
  • Management of info. Systems
  • Marketing
  • Professional Accounting
  • Strategy and Economics