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Top 50 Finance Blogs for Families

February 3rd, 2011

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It's hard enough managing finances for one, but throw in a spouse and some kids, and money matters can get pretty complicated. With the economy slumping and the job market slow, many families are looking for ways to make every dollar go further. One place to find advice and a little inspiration for your financial journey is through the writings of financial professionals and families just like you. Here are some great blogs that can help you get started on the path to financial security and a brighter future for the whole family.

Family-Friendly Finance

There blogs offer up tons of ideas and some powerful inspiration to help you get a handle on your family's money.

  1. The Family CEO: This blog is the perfect starting point for learning more about saving, conquering debt and getting your family finances in order.
  2. Get Rich Slowly: Becoming financially secure shouldn't be a race. This blog will teach you how to do it the slow, steady and smart way.
  3. Bargaineering: Check out this site for financial advice on just about everything, from student loans to checking accounts.
  4. The Simple Dollar: This blog breaks down sometimes complicated financial issues into something anyone can understand and put into practice.
  5. PFBlog: Follow along as this blogger shares their financial journey, saving up for retirement and securing their future.
  6. Savvy Saver: Get advice on living within your means, saving more and spending less on this blog.
  7. The Military Wallet: While this site focuses on financial advice for military families, anyone looking for some guidance in financial matters will find it useful.
  8. MintLife Blog: Even if you don't use Mint to mind your finances, you'll still find a great collection of helpful articles on the blog.
  9. Not Made of Money: Visit this blog for a number of savvy tips to help you live a debt-free life.
  10. Everything Finance: This blog will teach you the basics of finances, from finding the best credit cards to tracking what you're spending.
  11. FiveCentNickel: Find discussions of all kinds of financial matters here that can help your family get ahead financially.


Having trouble spending less? These blogs will help motivate you to create a budget and stick to it.

  1. 365 Days on a Budget: Pay a daily visit to this blog written by a finance professor for expert insights on living with a budget.
  2. You Need a Budget: Think you don't? This budgeting blog may show you otherwise.
  3. Wise Bread: Learn how to stretch every dollar and live within a set budget here.
  4. Family Budgets Blog: This blog is full of great insights to budgeting for families, with posts on everything from expanding your family to saving on gas.
  5. Jane4girls $800 Annual Budget: This blog will teach you that sometimes less really can be more when it comes to living well.
  6. Trees Full of Money: Learn why having more money in your wallet, though saving more and spending less– and sticking to a budget, can make for a better, happier life on this blog.

Debt Reduction

Whether it's debt from medical bills, school loans or on your home, many families face mountains of debt. Take a look at these blogs for advice on tackling and moving past that debt.

  1. We're In Debt: If you're in debt you can commiserate and learn from this blog all about battling debt.
  2. No Credit Needed: This blog will teach you how to live without making use of credit cards.
  3. Blogging Away Debt: This blogger shares the battle to pay off almost $40,000 worth of debt.
  4. Our Debt Blog: Follow along as this couple, hoping to start a family, try to pay off their existing credit card debt.
  5. Man vs. Debt: This dad shows that paying off debt can be done if you put your mind to it.
  6. Debt Free Adventure: Get tips on everything from taxes to investing and, of course, debt reduction, on this blog.
  7. Taking Charge: Take control of your use of credit and loans with some guidance from the bloggers on this site.

Frugal Living

Families looking to save money should give these frugal blogs a read.

  1. Being Find all the frugal advice and guidance you'll need on every aspect of frugality here.
  2. Mighty Bargain Hunter: Saving, spending and making money are the topics of discussion on this frugal blog.
  3. Deal Seeking Mom: Need to save more on purchases for your family? You'll find great leads that will help you do so here.
  4. $5 Dinners: Help your family eat well on a budget with recipes from this blog.
  5. Diary of a Frugal Family: This family will inspire you to live more frugally as well, as they attempt to cut back and still enjoy life.
  6. Keeping the Kingdom First: This religious mom shares how she manages to make it all work and keeps her finances in order on this site.

Just for Parents

If you've got kids, these blogs may be able to help you cut down on expenses and better manage your finances.

  1. Baby Cheapskate: This blog will direct you to the best deals on baby goods to be found.
  2. Frugal Dad: This dad shares ways that he saves money and lives the frugal life, even with kids, here.
  3. For the Mommas: Moms of all ages will appreciate this blog for its links to budget-friendly bargains on the web.
  4. The Motherload: You'll find posts on just about everything related to parenting here, from great recipes to stuff you can get for free.
  5. Working Parents and Finances: Check out this blog for tips on saving money and managing life while working and taking care of kids.
  6. Penny Pinching Parent: Here you'll find great posts to help you save big while enjoying life with your kids.
  7. The Centsible Life: Get advice on family, finances and budgeting from this stay at home mom.

Saving, Investing and Future Planning

When you have a family to think about, you can't just plan for today. These blogs will help you learn how to save, invest and prepare for a lifetime of financial security.

  1. FreeMoneyFinance: On this blog, you'll find all kinds of advice that will help you grow your net worth.
  2. Saving to Invest: Visit this site for tips on saving money and investing– even in today's unsure economy.
  3. Oblivious Investor: Don't know a thing about investing? This blog is perfect for you.
  4. Ken's Saving for College Blog: If you're planning to pay for college for your kids, learn more about how to do it right here.
  5. My First Home Blog: Looking to buy your first home? This blog will show you the ins and outs.
  6. From finding good deals to teaching your kids about the value of money, you'll find everything savings-related here.
  7. DINKS Finance: If you're a family that isn't planning on having kids, this blog is for you, full of advice for couples who are dual income with no kids.

Smart Shopping

Learn where and how to find the best bargains with the best quality from these blogs.

  1. Consumerist: Learn what products to avoid and which may be the best for consumers on this blog.
  2. Bargain Briana: This blog will direct you to some seriously cool bargains any parent will appreciate.
  3. Hey It's Free: Like free stuff? Who doesn't? This blog is full of leads to places that are offering all kinds of freebies.
  4. Coupons and Freebies Mom: This mom shares the deals she finds for discounted and free items here.
  5. Krazy Coupon Lady: You won't have to search for coupons again if you follow this blog for some great discounts.
  6. Northern Cheapskate: You don't have to live up north to take advantage of this amazing deals offered through this blog.

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