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60 Truly Inspiring Blogs for Stay-at-Home Moms

January 24th, 2011

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Not all stay-at-home moms are the same. Some have decided to change their vocation by leaving the workforce after having a baby, others may not have ever joined it officially, and still other SAHMs might be itching to start their own business from home. Whatever category you or your SAHM friends fall into, you all need support. These blogs are great starters for getting advice from other moms on everything from saving money on food to dealing with depression to starting your own business.

From Other SAHMs

Learn how other SAHMs get through the daily challenges of raising a family.

  1. Diary of a Stay at Home Mom: Accompanied by photos of projects and family, this mom's posts focus on homeschooling, cooking, being a military wife, and more.
  2. 5 Minutes for Mom: This moms network has all sorts of resources and support for making the switch to staying at home, raising kids, blogging, being more organized, and living a fulfilling life.
  3. Apryl's Stay-at-Home Moms Blog: Apryl Duncan blogs for and for SAHMs who want ideas for entertaining their kids, organizing their families, and more.
  4. Awesomommy: This blogger opened up her mommy blog to an entire community, so you'll find great conversation about working and staying at home.
  5. Mom's Blog: Stefani operates, a job and ideas site for SAHMs. But here, she blogs about saving money, raising kids, cooking ideas, and more.
  6. MommyMandy: SoCal Amanda Acuna is married to her high school sweetheart, has two adorable daughters, and blogs through happy times and painful tragedies.
  7. The Moxie Mom Blog: Categories on this blog range from down home cooking to family life to stories about being a SAHM.
  8. The Incoherent Ramblings of a Stay at Home Mom: This young Alabama mom has three little girls and blogs about enjoying life as it comes.
  9. Pass the Chocolate: Shauna's got an amazing ability to laugh at life when it gets crazy, and her blog should inspire you to lighten up a little, too.
  10. Mandi Miller Blog: Mandi is a missionary's wife and freelance writer who blogs about homemaking, parenting, cooking and marriage.
  11. Mom's Living Out Loud: Jody Payne has an M.A. in English and a wicked sense of humor. She blogs for herself, but you'll pick up some tips and inspiration as you read her posts, too.
  12. Christian Stay at Home Moms: Value-focused posts about Bible studies, job opportunities, and raising a family abound on this site.
  13. Baby Rabies: Jill is a hilarious, lively young mom who sometimes uses NSFW language, which is fine, because she gave up her insane career ambitions when she suddenly got a case of baby rabies. She writes about her new life with a toddler and a new baby just delivered.
  14. Acte Gratuit: This mom is raising two boys in Japan, and has another baby on the way. She's on a lifelong search for the cure for the post-pregnancy belly button, and blogs about daily life until that happens.

Entrepreneurship and Working From Home

If you want to work from home while raising kids, read these blogs.

  1. Home With the Kids: Get smart, motivational tips for working from home even with distractions from the kids.
  2. WAHM-Work at home moms: Get a glimpse into what working from home might entail before you make any decisions.
  3. Working Moms Blog: Get ideas for work-at-home projects, and learn what to expect when you sign up for certain assignments.
  4. Women Home Business Blog: Posts on this blog teach you how to start different kinds of businesses, evaluate your company's strengths and weaknesses, find products and supplies, and more.
  5. Christian Work at Home Moms: This network of Christian WAHMs has tips on starting a business, finding a job that you can do from home, and more.
  6. Starting Up Tips: This clever, well laid-out blog offers advice for starting a business, financing your idea, marketing your company, and working from home.
  7. Learning from Big Boys: This blog is all about "small business lessons from big businesses," and will help you get started, no matter what your idea is or who you're taking care of at home.
  8. Blog: The WAHM resource site also has its own blog, with in-depth posts on balance, parenting and everything else.
  9. HMWM: The Home-Based Working Moms network features blogs and feeds from Home Business, Mom's Assistant, and other valuable blogs.
  10. Find articles and blog posts about networking via social media, attracting your dream clients, and inspirational freelancing moms who've made it.
  11. Work at Home Moms Talk Radio: This resource is actually a podcast, full of informative, motivational interviews and shows to teach you how to telecommute and make your business dreams come true.
  12. A Work at Home Mom's Blog: Kristy's personal blog is honest about the challenges of balancing parenting and working at home.
  13. WAHM Blog: Get success tips from this blog so that you can effectively keep your hand in the workforce without giving up on being a stay-at-home mom.
  14. Work It, Mom! Blogs: This site — which supports moms who want to work at home — has a vibrant blogging community that shares experiences and tips on vacation, having alone time, separating work and home time, and more.
  15. The Daily Grind of a Work@ Home Mom: This Boston-based mom and blogger is also a journalist and the owner of

Life Balance

Learn how to balance your marriage, social life, personal time and kids from these blogs.

  1. Mom's View: This blog from ABC's The View will help you with parenting problems and also finding time for spoiling yourself.
  2. The Reluctant Mom's Blog: Celeste isn't a stay-at-home mom, but her blog may be truly helpful for moms who find every aspect of motherhood a challenge.
  3. iTwins: This mom has Irish twins: two little ones born barely 12 months apart. She blogs about kids, but also about her relationship with her husband, too.
  4. A Mom, a Blog, and the Life In-between: Tere has listed all the things she misses about her life pre-baby, and is inspired to reincorporate them into her existence again.
  5. The Young Mommy Life: Get a real look at 20-something motherhood from this young blogger and her contributors.
  6. MomLife Today: This is actually a whole site with posts about raising healthy, intelligent kids, working on your marriage, getting help with special needs issues, and more.
  7. The Charmed Mom: This blog is an outlet for a SAHM to three kids. Read posts about online shopping, giveaways, and more.
  8. The Posh Mom Blog: Read up on entertaining ideas, travel, food, celebrity moms, fashion trends and healthy living solutions so that you can think about something other than parenting for a change.
  9. Hybrid Mom: Whether you're a fully SAHM, WAHM, or mom who juggles a traditional work life and kids, this is a fabulous site for keeping it all together.
  10. Baby Bump Diaries: Amanda is a WAHM and business owner, and a mother of two small children. She blogs about getting in shape after having a baby, pregnancy issues, challenging yourself on a personal level, and managing a home.


Get parenting advice and more from these smart bloggers.

  1. Parenting Advice: Written for all types of parents, the Parenting Advice blog offers fair, modern tips for raising babies, kids, and teenagers.
  2. Natural Moms Blog: If you want to learn about green products, gardening and natural ways to raise your baby, read this blog.
  3. PhD in Parenting: Consider parenting as both an art and a science that you're trying to master when you read this blog from social advocate Annie.
  4. Motherlode: This NYT blog covers all the "adventures in parenting," and often compares different culture's parenting practices to give readers a different perspective on raising kids.
  5. Momformation Blogs:'s blog site has everyday tips for moms of babies and older kids. Recent posts tackle snow days, baby names, cooking, and children's books.
  6. Dallas Moms: You don't have to live in the Dallas area to pull smart tricks from the contributors who write for this blog. Dieting, kids' books, family fitness, and helping kids succeed in school have all been covered recently.
  7. Mom 4 Life: If you're wanting to be inspired to be more artsy-craftsy, read this blog for homemade graham cracker recipes, fun activities with kids, and more.
  8. Jen and Barb, Mom Life: This blog asks you to consider sometimes tough questions, like "can drinking a glass of wine make you a better parent?" and "is your kid a good sport?"

Practical Tips

From cooking to housekeeping to gardening to homeschooling, find even more inspiration and support here.

  1. Frugal Mom: Get all sorts of frugal living tips and inspiration, including coupon ideas, making your own laundry detergent, and starting your own business.
  2. Moms Living Well for Less: Learn how to do everything better, for less money. Find recipes, recycling ideas, coupons, and more.
  3. Southern Fried Mama: This blog has all kinds of ideas for decorating, parenting, saving money and more. Posts are frequent, too.
  4. Want What You Have: Heather has three kids but manages to maintain a very organized blog about parenting, staying at home, frugality, and streamlining your life.
  5. Stay a Stay-At-Home Mom: If you're afraid you have to go back to work to support your kids and family, read this blog for advice on stretching your dollar.
  6. Life As Mom: Posts here fit in with the theme, "on the road to joyful motherhood," and range from tricking your kids into eating more vegetables to being safe on the road.
  7. Simple Mom: This site features "life hacks for home managers," and shares ideas, tricks, tools, organic living solutions, homeschool tips, and more.
  8. The Math Mom: Maria Lando's clever, creative blog includes life puzzles, stories, tricks and math ideas for simplifying your life. Subscribe to her newsletter, too.
  9. Real Life: From Girls' Night Out to saving money at the grocery store to household tips, you'll find it all on this colorful blog.
  10. The Prissy Mommy Chronicles: This mommy blogger is "creating balance with boys," and chronicles everything from birthday party plans to keeping kids healthy.
  11. The Stir: The Stir is a blog on that will keep you up-to-date on news and celebrity stories related to parenting and motherhood, as well as astrology, tips and coffee-break chats with girlfriends.
  12. Mom Blog Network: From volunteering to learning more about special needs kids to using coupons, the blogs on this website cover everything that a modern mom is curious about.
  13. is another all-in-one resource site and blog community with categories and tabs for pregnancy, fashion and beauty, health and wellness, and more. You can also join groups to keep up with your reading, finances, green goals, or military friends.

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