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10 Best SNL Skits about Office Life

February 15th, 2011

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Not every career path inevitably leads workers to a traditional office setting, but that doesn't mean they're unfamiliar with many of the common tropes associated with it. So it comes as no surprise to anyone that iconic comedy institution Saturday Night Live has poked more than its fair share of skewers at some rather absurd elements of the corporate world. In no particular order, the following ten exist as some of the more humorous ones available on Hulu. Anyone who sees a favorite missing should take no offense, as there is only a set amount of videos with which to pull from.

And relax. There's no Rob Schneider here.

  1. "Celebrity Taxes: Mort Feingold": The musical interludes can get pretty irritating, but Andy Samberg's Mort Mort Feingold uses his mad accountancy skills on the most absurd and entitled of them all — famous folks. Seeing as how this is SNL and everything, expect some poking at different ethnic stereotypes.

  2. "Eternal Spark of Love: Office Romance": Hooking up with coworkers is never a good idea. Hooking up with coworkers who are just a wee bit too obsessed with their puppet collection is…well…just watch.

  3. "Potato Chip": A hopeful astronaut interviewing with NASA finds everything going predictably awry when he helps himself to a single potato chip sitting on the director's desk. For fans of visceral, gross-out humor, the ending will not disappoint.

  4. "Bill Brasky: Airport Bar": Salesmen who have to take their office on the road drunkenly converge in an airport bar to talk about the legend who walks among them. He sold one into slavery and impregnates his wife, accidentally marries a colleague, strangles a deer, and baptizes the blind son of another with scotch. But he's a helluva guy!

  5. "Scheduling Meeting": Office workers on all rungs of the corporate ladder can commiserate with this satirical take on making sure everyone's schedules line up. The excuses just keep piling up — and keep bringing the laughs. If nothing else, watch it just to see the amazing Alec Baldwin talk about his favorite glory hole without ever cracking a smile or letting loose a giggle.

  6. "Fart Face": Terrible nicknames that stick seem to be an unfortunate reality in many an office, and this meeting sees the "Fart Face" epithet taken to repetitive extremes. Things explode into childishness and chaos when the victim all of a sudden decides to fight back and show his tormenters exactly how it feels.

  7. "A-Holes: Pitch Meeting": Both office-themed and parodying Mad Men — complete with Jon Hamm and John Slattery! — this skit involves a couple of incredibly frustrating, self-centered boors crashing Sterling Cooper. Their challenge? Try to sell a hula-hoop with suspenders strapped to it.

  8. "Melissa": Not everyone is a celebrity hopping off to pitch meetings (thank God), but anyone forced to attend meetings at other offices still face the risk of running into space cadet secretaries. Not all of them are like this, of course. But if they were all normal, then SNL wouldn't have anything to parody.

  9. "Ordering Sushi Like a CEO": "A CEO type at a large business firm" gets fed up with the complete lack of pretense in those fond of edamame and California rolls. So he pays someone to write a book all about sushi bar etiquette and vocabulary. The actual Japanese people he encounters, of course, are less than amused by his presentation.

  10. "Nick Burns": Before The IT Crowd burst onto the scene as the quintessential comedy about dehumanizing tech support work and the impatience and snark it breeds in response, there was Jimmy Fallon's Nick Burns: Your Company's Computer Guy. He's flippant and surly to those he's paid to service, but anyone who's ever spent time in his line of work can easily understand why.

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