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Why You Should Not Take a Gap Year

November 14th, 2010

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Many people can feel exhausted when they finish high school. They think to themselves about how they can possibly go through at least another four years of school. Listening to suggestions from people around them, the idea of a gap year comes up. However, the gap year is something that seems to offer so much, but in reality can do a lot more hurt than good. First of all, a year is a long time and sometimes you can find yourself refreshed and ready to go within a matter of months.

When students talk about travelling the world, it is a plan that proves a lot more difficult than originally expected once they factor in the costs, the lack of safety and how they may have to travel alone which most young men and women will not get permission to do. If you are not careful abroad or travel in groups, you can put yourself in a very dangerous and regrettable position. Travelling abroad can put you in a deeper hole of debt once you have graduated from college. The time away may even side track your original plans of furthering your education. The sweet life of exploring can mess your head, and lead you to thinking that this can be your future life. The more mature you get, you start to understand the difficulties of going on these across the world adventures. When they end, you may find yourself stuck waiting to begin your new life, and that feeling of being stuck can last a lot longer than you may be able to handle. It is a decision that if you make, you generally have to stick with and cannot go back on.

If you take a year off from school, be prepared to get lost in the social scene. Students that are your age will be one year ahead, and have already established relationships with other students. The longer you have been away from the classroom can result in memory loss of important information, only pushing you further behind the rest of the class that has just recently graduated. You need to measure the importance of discovering the world after high school as opposed to graduating college first, and then travel. The person you leave college as is generally different than the person you were when you first stepped on campus. Travel with a good head on top of your shoulders. College can be the best time of your life, and there is no reason to postpone the fun and adventure of college for things that can be done any time after graduation.

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