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Where to Look For a Job

March 26th, 2010

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When it comes to the job hunt, it is up to you and you alone to find one. But just because you aren't going to wake up and find a job waiting for you on your doorstep doesn't mean there aren't valuable resources out there to help you in your search. If you are confused about where to begin looking for a job, there are a few places you can start.

Look for a job on the Internet. There are infinite ways that you can search for a job on the Internet. Lots of jobs are listed on Web sites like CareerBuilder and Monster. These employment-related Web sites allow you to search for jobs by location, industry, employer, and date. Jobs opportunities are also often listed on company Web sites under the career section. Jobs are either listed individually or, if it is a particularly large company, you can search for open positions by location and title.

Look for a job through your school's career center. Some companies like to recruit students straight out of college and hold interviews right on campus through career services. Job fairs are conducted at career centers, where local and national companies provide students with information about their businesses for recruitment purposes. Attending a job fair is a great way to network face to face and find out information about employment opportunities. Sometimes companies prefer to employ graduates from specific universities and post job ads with career services. Contact a career counselor and see if they have an online job database you can access or a job e-mail list you can be added to.

Answering a help wanted ad is not always the most efficient way to get hired. If you are really interested in working for a certain company, search for a contact there. Lots of companies don't post job ads simply because they do not have to. The more popular the company and in demand its products, the more they are used to employees finding them. Do some research. Call their recruitment department and see if they have any open positions. If that doesn't work, find out the name of the person in charge of the department you are interested in working in and contact them directly. Make a good impression and send in your resume, even if there are no available jobs, and they might be impressed by your efforts and keep you in mind in case something does open up.

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