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Where to Find Construction Management Jobs

January 21st, 2010

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By Angela Martin

Amongst the wide array of jobs that most people would not think of as “ordinary” jobs is that of construction management.  While it is at the end of the spectrum of “weird” jobs (construction jobs are increasingly widespread), construction management jobs are one career choice that many people would assume is not the type to become a lifelong career.  The opposite is true.  While construction jobs come and go, every company needs to have some type of management (who else can secure work jobs for the company?) and every manager needs to have a background knowledge of both construction and business techniques.  Furthermore, the Construction Management Association of America divides the responsibilities of a construction manager into 7 categories:
•    Project management planning
•    Cost management
•    Time management
•    Quality management
•    Contract administration
•    Safety management; and
•    CM professional practice (such as organization)
Only one question remains: where to find these type of positions?

Construction management seems to be a very limited profession, but in fact can transcend a wide array of careers only dimly related to the concept of a construction manager.  Architects have similar experience in construction management; they almost need it in order to command a large number of employees to create a building in a certain way.  While management is in charge of most of the responsibilities regarding the site, architects have similar responsibilities that are closely related to the job title of construction manager. 

Additionally, aside from this type of unprecedented career choice, construction managers can often get placed immediately after earning a degree in the field.  Construction management degrees have nearly come out of nowhere in recent years, although have become an important resource for students of construction.  Nearly every student is placed within the growing industry, and it is forecast to continue to grow at an unprecedented rate within the next few years.  How many times have you passed through your hometown to notice a new building popping up or construction on the highway?  This is all due to an intricate construction management system that places certain employees on different jobs around the city, as well as predicts how soon the jobs will be completed.  Without this type of organization, many construction projects would fail or take an exceedingly long time to complete. 

Construction management is a much more complicated career than many people outside the industry think it to be.  There are many opportunities within the construction industry to become either management or work outside the process as an architect or financer.  However, earning your degree in construction management or simply taking construction courses through an accredited university can help place you in the construction position you want to be in.  Due to the growth the industry has achieved in recent years, construction and construction management positions seem slated to become the most highly sought after careers in the country amidst the tales of unemployment. 


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