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What’s the Point of Job Search Websites

April 15th, 2010

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Job search websites have become the newspaper classifieds for a new generation, except they can tailor their results directly to each individual.  Job search websites came about long before social media was as active as it now is in our lives.  They almost laid the precedent for what was to come within the internet community.  However, this development has not come without criticism.  Job search websites, much like online education, have been accused of fraud, deceptive practices, and other types of internet misbehavior.  However, they remain highly popular among recent graduates, and whether this is from lack of a better source or simply a continuing reliance on the internet, job search websites continue to thrive with a new generation.

Over the years, many people who are not in the job market wonder what the point of job search websites is – especially after reading about the confusion and spam that come with the sites.  It is true that signing up with multiple job search websites leads to increased spam emails and sometimes even texts if you sign up with the wrong sites that sell your information.  However, larger sites like rarely leak out your information without your knowledge, although most recent grads assume every site is guilty of the practice.  It is difficult to discern which site is responsible for the new spam emails in your inbox, especially when you are applying to multiple jobs through multiple sites, like so many recent grads do in this economy.  Despite the increase in spam, some sites yield promising results, causing students to overlook the bad in lieu of the potential job that could come out of the confusion.

Many job search websites break up careers into categories, forcing students to decide what area they want to go into directly after graduation.  The economy has forced many recent graduates to enter the retail industry due to a considerable lack in corporate job offerings.  Many “pyramid scheme” jobs work off this fear of retail and advertise on job search sites, boasting of their work with fortune 500 companies, flexible hours, and easygoing work atmosphere.  However, it’s important to be wary of job descriptions that do not reveal much about the company; many times these descriptions lead to job interviews that involve pyramid scheme corporations that prey on the desperation of recent graduates.

We live in a world that is ever-dependent on the internet and the technological advances it has brought us, and all in all, the job search websites which have come about have a positive impact on a growing unemployed population.  However, it is still important to be wary of these sites and to understand that not every job description is true – it is always important to research farther into advertisements from the internet. 


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