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The Impact of Psychology Jobs in Modern Society

March 4th, 2010

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By Angela Martin

To many people, psychology and psychiatry have always seemed like a realm of the science world that contained the most “made up” aspects.  However, advances in technology (and the influences of famous psychotherapists) have held psychology to a new level in recent years.  While it is still considered a worthless field to many individuals around the country, the impact it has delivered in modern society has been felt throughout our culture.  Nearly every person in larger cities has been to a psychologist for one thing or another, and psychotherapy has saved many marriages around the nation.  Aside from the common uses of psychology, it has been essential in the study of neurology and memory, as well as an important tool in studying the science of the unconscious mind.

Recent years have indicated the importance in delving deeper into the study of neurology and consciousness, with more and more cases similar to Terri Schiavo, in which patients’ bodies are kept alive by machines, but their minds remain active.  While Terri Schiavo was only mildly related to this study, her case impacted the world of medicine and psychology, bringing the two closer together.  This is only the tip of the iceberg in psychology, however, since this is only one instance in which medical and psychological fields combine to determine the best remedy for the situation.  Sigmund Freud was the first to expand the field of psychology to what it is today, through his studies of the unconscious and the inner likeness of our mindset. Creating the properties of the mind which he referred to as the “id”, “ego”, and “super-ego”, he created a new realm in the field of psychology in which he discovered that many of our unconscious desires are the product of our own inner-being.

Despite what many people say about the field, it has been instrumental in securing a move forward in technology.  The modern world has come to terms with the workings of the inner mind, and with this has come the growth of psychology jobs.  We have now reached a stage where psychology has become infiltrated into our daily existence.  If we feel anxious about work or upset about the recent death of a loved one, we visit a psychologist to cope with these issues.  No longer do we simply bottle them up like we did only a century ago.  Psychology has become a way of life for many of us, and we have now come to the realization that these professions are as vital as doctors and lawyers have been for years.  With the many different fields within the psychology industry, jobs are plentiful and will continue to grow, as more individuals realize their need to vent about their current life situation. 


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