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Staying Connected to Your Religion in College

November 28th, 2010

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When a young man or woman attends college, there is a lengthy adjustment period to the new lifestyle they are thrown into. Everything is new and fun and it can be difficult to start a new routine that includes activities you have done in high school. Colleges offer a lot of things to their students, giving them the chance to be active in their community in whatever way they see fit. This includes religion. In college there can be social pressures to abandon things you like to do and replace them with partying and drinking. It is important not to let others dictate your new life in college and control how you spend your free time.

An early weekend morning ceremony may not be the best time slot for college students, which is why when it comes to religion, schools can offer services that take place slightly later, allowing you to get that much needed sleep before you come down and reconnect with your faith. Religion is as important as family to some students and a place for prayer is important in the eyes of most learning institutions in America. There should never be a battle between religion and college life. If you want to keep your faith strong and continue playing an active role in your religious community, colleges give every student this opportunity.

College is about trying new things, and there are no requirements to any clubs related to religion. If you are interesting discovering a new faith, head down to your student activities building and find scheduled times of the services you are interested in attending. There is no other arena that is more welcoming and open that a place of prayer. Everyone involved takes on the mission of educating others on the beliefs of their religion. There is no pressure, meaning if you do not like what you see or think a different system may be for you, there are no strings attached.

Religion means different things to different people, and college can be a place where you find yourself. Trying to become the person you hope to be for the rest of your life can be a curious quest. If you are looking for some help or a little guidance, turn to a leader and an arena full of positive messages and one that promotes constructive direction. College can be intimidating, and you don’t have to feel alone in the uphill climb. Sometimes the best clubs to join college are the ones surrounded by faith and belief.

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