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International Photography Careers

April 21st, 2010

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There’s a moment in time when you realize what you want to do in life.  It may when you are very young, or it may be after an influential lecture by your academic role model.  Regardless, this is a pivotal moment in every person’s life and is made that more important because it is at that second that you realize what you need to work for.  Photography is one such career that requires a strong devotion to the art form itself, as well as a passion for originality.  With the low price of equipment (anyone can pick up a disposable camera for five dollars at Walgreens), almost everyone considers themselves a photographer, but the true art form goes beyond merely capturing the image, but involves capturing the soul of the piece.  This newfound passion for photography can emerge at any stage in your life, even causing you to drastically change your career, as was the case for Faisal Almalki, who was once a marketing executive with a Saudi investment company.  He is now a renowned Saudi photographer.

Pursuing a career in photography may seem to be a worthless endeavor because of the apparent ease the art form requires.  However, as any photographer will tell you, there is a skill to capturing a moment, from the lighting to the angle, to the backdrop.  I myself know that I am no skilled photographer, and frequently “miss” capturing any moment at all, not to mention cutting people out of shots.  However, the international art scene has provided an outlet for new photographers who are finding themselves on the cutting edge of design.  Almalki never dreamed of being a photographer, but was encouraged by friends and family after posting many pictures of his travels online.  They were obviously far from ordinary and showcased his immense talent in the industry.

From this point on, Almalki flew to England on a photo shoot, finding difficulties capturing images in his own country.  However, his mother offered to allow him to photograph her in her traditional burka, so that he could enter it in an online photography contest “the eyes are the window to the soul”.  This photography was an instant winner by Almalki and has helped propel him to international status.  Since this point, he has concentrated solely on photography and left his old business job behind.  While this may seem a risky endeavor, it has produced nothing but a feeling of belonging in Almalki.  Photographing his roots in Saudi Arabia has allowed him a new sense of closeness with his native land and has opened up a new art world for future international photographers.  

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