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Dressing for an Interview

April 20th, 2010

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You finally received a call back for that position you applied to months ago and have scheduled an interview. While you may know a lot about what the work a company does, you probably have no idea what their dress code is. When it comes to job interviews, your appearance can tell an interviewer a lot about you, and you want to make sure it is telling them the right things. Dress right for an interview by having a professional and clean appearance.

Have a professional appearance. Men should stick to solid colored two-piece suits that are made out of a tightly woven fabric and fit correctly. If your suit looks too large you may want to visit a tailor. The quickest way to appear young and naive is to look as if you are wearing your father's oversized business jacket. Stick to solid colored or simple patterned ties and stay away from bright colored ones, which can be distracting. Also, be sure to polish your dress shoes before the interview and wear high socks. No one wants to see how pale your ankles are when you cross your legs.

Women should wear a solid colored skirt suit, with a solid colored button up shirt underneath the jacket. It is important that the skirt is knee-length and does not extend too far above the knees. Remember, just because your boyfriend thinks that you have great legs doesn't mean your boss should. Also, you first interview is not the time to show an employer how fashion forward you are, unless you are trying to work at a fashion magazine. Often, the best approach to take is to keep your accessories simple and wear basic pumps that are easy to walk in.

Have a clean appearance, and this doesn't mean just taking a shower. Before going to an interview, men might want to consider seeing a barber because having neatly trimmed hair and a clean shave can make all the difference to an interviewer who is trying to look you in the eyes. Women should make sure they wear conservative makeup, as this is not the time to test out your new blue eye shadow or bright pink lipstick. While women should not wear too much makeup, you also need to make sure they are not wearing too little. The right amount of makeup can enhance a women's professional appearance and ensure they do not look too young.

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