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Cutting Off Communication With the Outside World

November 29th, 2010

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p>You just sat down into your chair, have organized your books and notepads, you’re ready to learn. However it doesn’t take long for you to get the need to speak to someone outside the four walls you are trapped in. Any student in this situation may first look to their cellphone, praying for a text message that needs to be responded to. But there are other ways to communicate with your friends and family in this time of need. When you are in a computer class, or if you bring your laptop with you to class for “notes”, take a break from listening to your professor’s long and detailed lecture for a little you time.

If a friend or loved one is on Instant Messenger, start up a quick chat, checking in with what is going on with them. Once you start complaining about being stuck in class to anyone it can be the death to any conversation. No one wants to talk with a complainer. You want to make it about them, show a genuine interest in their lives. You are trying to find out information on what it is you are missing for the next hour and half. Ask if the gang is going out to see that new movie, or whether or not a dinner date is currently in place. Use an internet connection to the fullest – from Skype, to Facebook, do not let any resource go ignored.

Sometimes a great way to get away from it all is to take the famous bathroom run. It is like going into the bathroom on an airplane, you go in there even when you don’t have to go. The escape from class gives you a quick recharge in the battery that is your brain. You can grab a sip of water from the perfectly-temperature water fountain. Stroll down the halls and stare into the windows of other classrooms, observing other students in need of the same connection you are looking for. Just your luck you can run into a fellow friend in the halls. Check out the café in the building if you are hoping to discover another lost soul.

Obviously the cellphone is the best tool any student can have when they are locked in for the long haul in a classroom – it is small, makes no noise, can be used frequently without drawing attention from other students or worse yet the professor. So next time you are wondering what is going out there in the rest of the world, look to your pockets, and grab a device that can give you everything you are looking for – communication.

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