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Career Salaries with a College Degree

May 3rd, 2010

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It has been a highly proven fact that with a college degree, you will be able to earn more money throughout your life.  The added education of university classes help cement you toward a more stable future and impresses future employers, demonstrating your ability to focus on one subject and complete the requirements for a bachelor’s degree.  It is more difficult to prove this level of commitment to an employer without a degree and without twenty years of experience.  There are many different studies that throw this at students all the time: “with a college degree you will earn $1 million more in your lifetime than you would without one!”.

While the monetary figure may not be exceptionally accurate, there is still truth in the underlying message that those of us with college degrees will more than likely earn more than those with high school diplomas.  This is not to say that there are not those anomalies – some students find that they can secure a well-paying job without a college degree.  However, for the vast majority of us, a college degree will help us earn a degree that will prove to be fruitful throughout our career life.  Online education has helped spread this message, as many more students are enrolling in online programs as the direct result of the economic downturn.  Most of them hope to graduate with a degree that will secure them a job despite the uncertain economic atmosphere.

While there continue to be many horror stories of college graduates out of work despite their qualifications, there are still many other stories of recent graduates finding the job of their dreams, and the career salary they have looked for.  Most corporate jobs continue to be on the hunt for successful college graduates, hoping for graduates with a higher degree in the field.  Studies have additionally revealed that the higher your degree is correlates directly to the increase in your salary.  This has had an impact on online education and traditional universities in general, as students have flocked back to college in order to earn an additional degree.  The economy has led not to total despair, but a new sense of optimism throughout the education world. 

Career salaries vary according to the discipline, but it remains almost a proven fact that graduates with degrees will earn more than students who do not complete college.  Choosing the perfect career for you is another battle you will have to face after graduation, a battle which should not entirely be based on the salary intake!


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