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Beating the Clutter in Your Dorm Room

November 25th, 2010

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No matter what type of dorm you live in, there is a good chance that space management will be a top priority. Even though there never seems to be enough space to keep things organized, maintaining your sanity as a student calls for some form of oversight. So, before resorting to stuffing everything under the bed and hoping you never need it, try some of these helpful organization ideas. Just make sure to take a look at your dorm room before you go shopping so you have some idea as to what you’re working with.

First, use the space under the bed. Measure the space between the bottom of the bed frame and the floor. Then measure the length and width of your bed. You can find plenty of storage items designed specifically to fit under beds. Some of the most handy are thin, plastic crates with wheels on the bottom. You can easily slide them out from under the bed and back again, and the space under the bed is a great place to store bulky clothes or extra bedding.

Also, use your wall space. Buy some wall hooks to hang things like jackets, scarves, accessories and towels. In the dorms, you will need to use hooks with adhesive backing, rather than hooks that needs nails to mount. Just make sure that they are easily removable and will not strip the paint. You can also create extra shelving along the walls. Mesh shelves are a good option and easy to set up. You can also save money by using old milk crates or boards and cinder blocks for shelves.

And don’t forget to use the storage space that has already been provided. Closet organizers are are a great way to make your closet space functional. A closet organizer will allow you to organize the things that you need to hang, stack or hook. You can find shoe organizers, all sizes of garment racks for stacking bulky things like sweaters and hoodies, belt rings and jewelry organizers.

Use cupboards and shelves to your best advantage. Rather than just throwing things in cupboards or placing them on shelves haphazardly, you can use smaller organizers, such as small door hooks or shelving units that will stand alone in order to store small objects in cupboards. And make sure to use your shelf space. You can buy containers to fit on the shelves and use them as extra storage space for random objects.

Bedside organizers are great for miscellaneous things. They made to form pockets that hang on your bed posts. You can use them to store anything, but they are especially great for slippers, extra blankets, school supplies or other things that you need access to while on your bed.

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