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70 Essential Personal Development Blogs for College Students

April 7th, 2010

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College can be a great time to have fun, let loose and enjoy newfound freedoms. It can also be a time to focus on education, prepare for your future and learn ways to work, study and live more successfully. If you don’t know where to begin in attempting a little personal development, these blogs offer some helpful guidance for life as a college student and beyond that can guide your decisions and give you a leg up on emerging from school well-rounded and in control of your life.

The Basics

These blogs are a great place to learn about the personal development basics.

  1. 43 Folders: Get tips on how to stay productive when doing creative work from this blog–perfect for aspiring writers and artists.
  2. This blog is full of articles to help you stay productive and develop as a person.
  3. Here you’ll find advice from personal development guru Steve Pavlina.
  4. Dumb Little Man: Get ideas on how to be more successful in school and your career, save money, stay healthy and more on this site.
  5. The Daily Mind: This blog promises to give advice on how to make your daily work more fulfilling.
  6. Personal Development Blog: If you’re looking for some basic help with personal development, you’ll find it here.
  7. Marc and Angel Hack Life: These authors promise to give you useful advice on living a more productive life.
  8. Alex On this blog, you’ll find posts on everything from living life to the fullest to sticking to a workout routine.
  9. Scott H Young: This young blogger wants to share his discoveries about living a better life with you.
  10. Inspiration and Motivation Blog: Feeling sluggish? Check out this blog for ideas that will get you moving and motivated.


Try out these sites to get a little expert advice.

  1. Matt’s Idea Blog: Matt Cornell, a productivity consultant, shares his expertise in this blog.
  2. Productivity Cafe: On this blog you’ll hear all kinds of productivity ideas from Susan Sabo.
  3. Motivational Speaker: Craig Harper: If you’re in dire need of some motivation, check out the posts from speaker Craig Harper on this blog.
  4. The Productivity Pro: Laura Stack will teach you how to better make use of your time on this blog.
  5. Goals Success: Try out this blog to learn how to set and achieve goals in your life.
  6. Ricky Spears’ Blog: You’ll find a wide range of posts on this blog that offer advice on empowering and uplifting the reader.
  7. You Already Know This Stuff: Take a step back and focus on what you already know about life–with a little help from blogger Jodee Bock.
  8. Experiments in Lifestyle Design: Here you’ll get advice from the best-selling author of The 4-Hour Workweek.
  9. Communication Nation: Dave Gray posts some great advice on improving your communication skills here.
  10. eSoup: Sharon Sarmiento’s blog is home to posts that will teach you to run an online business and be more productive.


Learn how to keep your room, studies or life in general organized with help found here.

  1. Your Life. Organized: Monica Ricci, an organizing expert, will explain how to get your clutter in order on this site.
  2. Neat and Simple Living: Even if you’re a bit ADHD or chronically disorganized, this blog will teach you how to improve.
  3. Unclutterer: Get great ideas on clearing out all the junk from your life on this blog.
  4. Get Organized Now!: No matter what you want to organize, you’ll find advice on how to do it here.
  5. My Simpler Life: Learn to live a simpler but happier life not weighed down by all that stuff on this blog.
  6. Get Organized: Read this blog to get ideas on how to make more purposeful decisions about the stuff in your life.
  7. The Clutter Diet Blog: You’ll hear from a professional organizer on this blog.
  8. Organized With Style: This blog will show you that being organized doesn’t have to be dorky.
  9. Make Use Of: Learn how to get your digital life in order and make it more efficient from this blog.
  10. I’m an Organization Junkie: From planning what you eat to clearing out your closets, this site offers help on cleaning up and getting organized.


Why work harder than you have to? These blogs offer help on getting more done in less time.

  1. David Seah: Learn to use the web and new technology to help you get more done with the help of this blog.
  2. Productivity 501: This blog will teach you how to be more productive in a variety of aspects of your life.
  3. Open Loops: Get ideas on better time management here.
  4. Did I Get Things Done: This blog offers tips on productivity, motivation and personal development.
  5. Academic Productivity: Students hoping to make a career out of school will be well-served by this niche productivity blog.
  6. Black Belt Productivity: Get tips on balancing your life, managing time and getting more done here.
  7. Gearfire: This site is home to loads of great productivity tips for students.
  8. Thinking Faster: Try out this blog for ideas on getting more done at work and at school.
  9. Productivity Planner: Here you’ll find tips on getting more out of everything you do.
  10. Learn This: Teach yourself how to be more productive in your career and beyond with this site.

Work and Career

These blogs will give you some advice on making it in the working world.

  1. Web Worker Daily: The web will be the workplace for many college grads, so learn how to make the most of it through this blog.
  2. Lazy Way to Success: This blog offers tips on working with and managing others that are pretty easy to make a reality.
  3. Instigator Blog: Learn more about staking out a career as an entrepreneur here.
  4. Success Begins Today: You’ll find all kinds of tips that can help you develop your career on this blog.
  5. The Daily Saint: If you want your work to really mean something, give this blog a read.
  6. Ian’s Messy Desk: On this site you can read helpful articles about better time management at work.
  7. Escape from Cubicle Nation: If the idea of working in a cubicle makes you cringe, consider the advice found on this blog.
  8. All Things Workplace: Here, Steve Roesler offers help on good management and leadership in the workplace.
  9. Genius Types: If you plan on going into a creative field, learn how to make the most of your career through this site.
  10. Chief Happiness Officer: This blog is chock full of ideas on making the workplace a happy place to be.

Personal Growth

Get tips on being a better, happier person from these sites.

  1. Zen Habits: This popular blog offers tips on simplifying and improving your life in just about every respect.
  2. Ririan Project: Get all kinds of tips on personal development through this blog.
  3. The Positivity Blog: If you tend to only see the negatives, read through this blog to become a more positive person.
  4. Persistence Unlimited: Find articles on setting goals, self-development, achievement and more on this site.
  5. Steve Olson: Read through this blog to find inspiring and helpful articles on personal development.
  6. Pick the Brain: Get ideas on managing money, getting motivated, learning and a whole lot more here.
  7. Life Optimizer: You’ll find great articles on personal growth through this blog.
  8. Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life: This blog focuses on changing the way you think about yourself and your life.
  9. Life Reboot: It can take a lot of hard work to make a big change in your life, but this blog can help you along the way.
  10. The Happiness Project: Writer Gretchen Rubin shares her ideas on living a happier life on this blog.


Not managing your money correctly can cause a lot of stress, but these blogs offer some advice on saving and planning for the future that can be key to stress-free finances.

  1. I Will Teach You to Be Rich: Ramit Sethi offers a wealth of advice on this blog on how to spend and save your money well.
  2. Wise Bread: Get tips on living well while spending less on this blog.
  3. The Simple Dollar: Through this site you’ll be able to read articles that you can understand even if you know nothing about finance.
  4. Get Rich Slowly: Getting rich overnight may sound great but this blog endorses the slow and steady approach as a better option.
  5. My Money Blog: Learn more about finances and the economy through this blog.
  6. A Penny Saved: This site will teach you the virtues of saving money, investing and spending wisely.
  7. Free Money Finance: It’s never too early to think about ways you can grow your personal worth, and this site can help.
  8. Bargaineering: Learn about saving, investing, credit cards and more through this site.
  9. PFBlog: Here you’ll find all kinds of advice on getting your personal finances in order.
  10. Consumerist: Learn how to be a smart shopper with a little help from this blog.

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