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Unconventional Jobs in Psychology

December 7th, 2009

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Psychologists like Sigmund Freud transcended the psychoanalytic realm, opening up a plethora of new jobs in psychology for the future.  However, what was not well-known throughout Freud’s venture into the unconscious mind was the alternate theory of consciousness from his old friend, C.G. Jung.  After a falling out with Freud, Jung created a manuscript which essentially constituted the beginning from which all his subsequent work derived, only recently revealed to the public.  He disagreed with Freud in his altogether “negative” treatment of the denied emotions of the mind and instead developed a new hero in his mythology of the mind.  If the battle between these two psychologists means anything, it is that the world of psychology is constantly changing, producing more jobs as we tread deeper into unfamiliar territory.

Freud was revolutionary in his time because he opened up a brand new world of psychology, essentially creating the psychoanalytic branch which so many psychologists now delve into.  The explorations both Freud and Jung took into unfamiliar territory helped explain the inner workings of the mind, as well as a permanent state of consciousness which made many of our decisions for us, without outside intervention.  However, while Freud’s interpretations were of a darker, deeper inner being, Jung explored more into the symbols of humanity and the connection between fantasy and reality that these symbols represented.  While the two psychologists created their own niche in the psychology world, essentially stemming from Nietzsche’s earlier studies, they also created a new opportunity for modern students of psychology.

We are typically taught that every person fits into a specific psychological structure, separate and apart from the teachings of Freud or Jung.  However, while we are taught their studies within psychology classes, there is a separate field specifically for psychoanalysts that is growing every year.  As we rush faster and faster into technological advancement, many people seem trapped by their inner conscious desires for a multitude of different things.  Freud explained these signs as part of everyone’s inner-being, bound to present itself at different parts of the life.  However, many of these manifestations have become more abundant as drastic changes have occurred around the world.  We have seen an emergence of transsexuals who are uncertain of what body they truly belong in, a Freudian dilemma to be sure.  We have also encountered a plethora of new psychological disorders as modern mankind has begun to believe that every outward manifestation can be cured by drugs.

However, regardless of what form psychology jobs take, it is clear that there is a new niche for every type of psychology, especially that of psychoanalysis.  It is simply a manner of understanding that this field requires more “dirty” work than ordinary psychology jobs and it may require you to step outside the traditional notions of psychology and into Jung and Freud’s inner being. 


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